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Dance Classes That Are Non-Competitive, Invigorating & Fun!

 And No Snootiness Allowed

Dance Classes Dancers Love!

  • Dance classes for Adults, TeensKids and Toddlers.
  • Dance classes include Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, Irish, & Flamenco.
  • Dance classes that new beginners, returning dancers and intermediate dancers all feel at home in.
  • Dance studios that are spacious and wide open.
  • Warm & welcoming dance classes with highly skilled and expert teachers who really break things down for you so you'll learn fast.
  • Fellow students who are also friendly and welcoming
  • Your dance class never gets boring and you always get a great workout.
  • Dance class studios serving Seattle neighborhoods including Ballard, Blue Ridge/North Beach, Broadview, Crown Hill, Fremont, Green Lake, Greenwood, Haller Lake, Loyal Heights, Magnolia, Phinney Ridge, Queen Anne, Wallingford, Westlake, Whittier Heights, Bryant, Hawthorne Hills, Lake City, Laurelhurst, Maple Leaf, Matthews Beach, Northgate, Ravenna, Roosevelt, U-District, View Ridge, Wedgwood, Windermere.
  • Dancing classes serving Shoreline neighborhoods including Ballinger, Briarcrest, Echo Lake, Highland terrace, Hillwood, Innis Arden, Meridian Park, North City, Parkwood, Richmond Beach, Ridgecrest, The Highlands, Westminster Triangle.
  • Dance studios serving Lake Forest Park neighborhoods Horizon View, Sheridan Beach and Lake Forest Park Town Center.
  • Dance classes convenient to Mountlake Terrace neighborhoods including East Terrace, Gateway, Lake Ballinger, Melody Hill, North Terrace, Town Center

"This dance school is very accepting of different abilities but still encouraged everyone to grow, improve, and make the most of their time in class. I love ADI!"      Emily G.

Now is a great time to take a class!

Dance Studios In Greenwood, Magnolia & Shoreline, WA.

Dance Classes

Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Tap, Irish, Jazz, Contemporary, Flamenco, & More!

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Dance Studios: Ours Are Fun, Friendly & Not Competitive

You don't want to be in a studio where you are made to feel unappreciated, right?

You want to attend great Seattle & Shoreline dance classes with excellent teachers, invigorating movement and fun classmates!

Dance schools each have their own culture, some trendy, some snooty, and some want advanced students only, ours are friendly and not snooty :)  

What does non-competitive mean in this context? It means that students in our Seattle dance classes compete with themselves, not against other students, and not against you

There's no pretense or snootiness. Teachers do not favor some students over others. ​

We're all here to learn, stay fit, make friends and to experience the joy that only dance can deliver.  

And that is why you'll always feel welcome in your dance class, that you belong in the class, no matter your proficiency, body type or age

Returning Students

"You will love, love, love your dance classes! at American Dance Institute" c.h.

Over 17,525 people like you have attended ADI dance classes since 1989.

Seattle Nutcracker

Area Dance Students To Dance With 
The Moscow Ballet In Seattle

Youth Audition Date Is Monday, Sept 10th - 5 pm

American Dance Institute partners with the world famous Moscow Ballet to stage their Great Russian Nutcracker Seattle performances at the Paramount Theater. Area dance students perform on stage with the Moscow Ballet's 'Dance with Us' program. 

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ANNOUNCING: The Moscow Ballet returns to Seattle's Paramount Theater in 2018 for two brilliant dance performances, November 9th & 10th. Come see The Great Russian Nutcracker as you've never seen it before and as only great Russian artists can perform it. 

Lisa, Jessica & Kaylee share a laugh during dance class.

Some Say Dance Isn't For Everyone?

We think it is. 

Watch & see why. 

There Are Big Differences

Between Dance Schools. 

Do You Know What They Are?

Only a few dollars per class separates one dance school's class price from another but, there can be very big and important differences that impact your or your child's overall experience, your hard earned money and your happiness.

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Student & Parent Ratings
  • Fun & Invigorating Classes
  • Great Teachers
  • Non-Competitiveness
  • Consistently Excellent Dance Instruction
  • Personalized Attention
  • Friendly & Non-Intimidating
  • Family Friendly
  • Tuition Value
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