Seattle Dance Classes That Are Non-Competitive, Invigorating & Fun!

And No Snootiness Allowed  )

Dance Classes Seattle Dancers Love!

  • Seattle dance classes for Adults, Teens and Kids.
  • Seattle dance class that dancers-beginners to advancedfeel at home in.
  • Seattle dance studios that are spacious and wide open.
  • Warm & welcoming classes with skilled teachers who really break things down so you'll learn fast.
  • Fellow students who are also friendly and welcoming
  • Your dance class never gets boring.
  • Dance Classes Seattle flocks to in Magnolia, Greenwood, and Phinney Ridge.

"This dance school is very accepting of different abilities but still encouraged everyone to grow, improve, and make the most of their time in class. I love ADI!" Emily G.

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"Dance Classes Seattle Attends To Learn Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Tap, Irish, Contemporary, Flamenco, Jazz, ZUMBA & More!"

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Dance Classes Seattle: The students and staff of American Dance Institute representing dance classes we teach at our Seattle dance schools.

Adult Dance Classes

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Seattle Dance Classes: Ours Are Fun, Friendly & Not Competitive

You don't want to be in a room where you are made to feel unappreciated, right?

You want to attend great Seattle dance classes with excellent teachers, invigorating movement and fun classmates!

Seattle dance schools each have their own culture, some trendy, some snooty, and some, like ours, are friendly and 100% non-competitive.  

What does non-competitive mean in this context? It means that students in our Seattle dance classes compete with themselves, not against other students, not against you.  The absence of competitive behavior allows for cooperative, supportive and encouraging behavior. 

There's no pretense and no snootiness. Teachers do not favor some students over others. Everyone in class is there for the love of dancing and the desire to improve. Everyone understands each other, appreciates and respects each other.  We're all here to learn, stay fit, make friends and to experience the joy that only dance can deliver.  

And that is why you'll always feel welcome in your dance class, that you belong in the class, no matter your proficiency, body type or age. It is a wonderful, healthy environment to learn, grow and dance in.

Life is full of challenges and we work hard to make our Seattle dance schools your cultural oasis.

Returning Students

"You will love, love, love your Seattle dance classes!" c.h.

Over 16,320 people like you have taken dance ADI classes since 1989.

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Dance Classes ⋆ Ballet ⋆ Hip Hop ⋆ Modern/Contemporary ⋆ Jazz ⋆ Tap ⋆ Irish ⋆ Flamenco ⋆
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Dance Classes ⋆ Ballet ⋆ Hip Hop ⋆ Modern/Contemporary ⋆ Jazz ⋆ Tap ⋆ Irish ⋆ Flamenco ⋆
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American Dance Institute Seattle,
8001 Greenwood Ave North,Seattle,Washington-98103,
Telephone No.206-783-0755
Dance classes that are invigorating, fun, and non-competitive. Featuring Ballet ⋆ Hip Hop ⋆ Modern/Contemporary ⋆ Jazz ⋆ Tap ⋆ Irish & Flamenco. Adults, Teens, Kids & Toddlers. Everyone welcome, no snootiness allowed :)