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Dance classes near me in Seattle 's Greenwood, Wedgwood and Magnolia communities and Shoreline, WA, Featuring spacious dance studios for adults, kids, and toddlers, including ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance, Kpop, jazz, tap, modern dance, flamenco, Irish, and shuffle dance. We're a friendly, welcoming dance school.  No snootiness allowed :O

Are There Dance Studios Near Me?

I started the American Dance Institute (ADI) in Seattle and Shoreline, Washington, to distinguish it from other local dance schools through its welcoming, snootiness-free environment and an exciting array of dance classes for all ages. With six 

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spacious studios across Seattle's GreenwoodWedgwoodMagnolia neighborhoods, and Shoreline's North City neighborhood, easy walking or driving to. Our studio locations ensure easy access to "dance classes near me,"  making it convenient for our busy students and parents while leaving a low carbon footprint.ADI offers classes in adult and children's ballet, hip hop, contemporary, K-pop, jazz, tap, modern, flamenco, Irish, and shuffle dance.

 I love that ADI's commitment to inclusivity, community, and a supportive environment for new and experienced dancers has survived and flourished during it's 38 years. It sets it apart and makes it a prime destination for everyone in search of a dance school home. Emphasizing inclusivity and community, ADI is known for its friendly atmosphere, expert teaching staff, and commitment to providing a supportive learning environment for new and experienced dancers. Elizabeth Chayer Founder, Director


Many Dance Class Styles And Six Welcoming Dance Studios in Seattle's Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and In Shoreline.

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Dance classes for everyone for 35 years!

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Spring Classes

Which dance style is right for me?

A little about the styles we teach.

Ballet Classes

Ballet: Imagine yourself mastering the art of ballet, where every movement is an expression of grace and discipline. It's not just about learning to dance; it's about transforming your body and mind into something stronger, more flexible, and incredibly poised. Ballet teaches you the foundations upon which all dance forms can build. With each ballet class, you'll find yourself more in tune with your body, appreciating the beauty in the discipline it takes to create those seemingly effortless movements.

Tap Dance Classes

Tap Dance: Hear the rhythm of your feet creating music with every tap. This dance style is as much about sound as it is about dance. It's perfect for those who not only love to move but also have a passion for rhythmic beats. You'll learn to articulate sounds with precision, creating intricate rhythms that are music to the ears. Our tap dance classes are a joyful way to improve coordination and rhythm, letting you become an instrument as part of the orchestra.


Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz Dance: Jazz dance is where you'll find the essence of performance. With its high energy and dynamic movements, jazz encourages you to embrace the spotlight and express your individuality. Our jazz dance classes teach techniques that emphasize style and storytelling, all while grooving to some of the most energetic music out there. Jazz dance is a celebration of life and rhythm.


Shuffle Dance Classes

Shuffle Dance: Get ready to light up the dance floor with shuffle dance, where every step is a burst of energy. This style is perfect for those who love EDM and want to add an electrifying element to their dance repertoire. Our shuffle dance classes are about quick footwork and stamina, offering a fantastic cardiovascular workout and a chance to impress at any dance party.


Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance: Step into contemporary dance and find yourself in a fusion of ballet, modern, and jazz. This dance form is all about fluidity and expression, allowing you to explore a wide range of emotions and techniques. Our contemporary dance classes will  teach you the freedom to interpret music and express yourself in a way that's uniquely yours. It's a path to discovering your personal voice in the dance world.

Musical Theater Classes

Musical Theater: Musical theater is the ultimate performing arts experience, offering you a chance to live out stories on stage. Whether you dream of Broadway or simply love the magic of theatre, our musical theater classes will enhance your performance skills in all areas, making you a versatile and expressive artist.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip Hop: Picture the floor as your stage, with hip hop as your medium of expression. This dance style is all about freedom, personality, and energy. It's a fantastic way to stay fit while having a blast. You'll learn to move in ways you never thought possible, finding your unique style and confidence that radiate beyond the dance studio. Hip hop is more than a dance; it's a culture, a way of life, and a path to self-expression.


Flamenco Dance Classes

Flamenco: Envision yourself embodying the passion and intensity of flamenco. This dance form is a powerful expression of emotion, characterized by its dynamic footwork, intricate hand movements, and expressive body language. Flamenco is not just a dance; it's an experience that transports you to another world, filled with the depth of Spanish culture and artistry. It's an invitation to express your deepest emotions through the art of movement.

Irish Dance Classes

The American Dance Institute offers engaging Irish dance classes for adults, emphasizing the rich cultural tradition of Irish dance. From beginners learning fundamental steps like the jig and reel to intermediate dancers mastering more complex patterns and hard shoe techniques, there's something for everyone. The classes, led by the passionate and experienced Becky Leary, promise a non-competitive, enjoyable learning environment. Whether you're looking to connect with Irish heritage, improve your dance skills, or simply try something new and fun, these classes provide a fantastic opportunity. For detailed information on class schedules, attire, and enrollment, visit their website

K Pop Dance Classes

K-Pop Dance: Join the K-pop craze and learn to dance like your favorite idols. K-pop dance is energetic, precise, and always on trend. It's a great way to connect with a global community of fans and dancers alike. You'll learn catchy routines, improve your performance skills, and perhaps even star in your own dance cover video. K-pop dance is about fun, energy, and the joy of syncing with a group.

Our Friendly Adult Dance Classes 

modern dance, modern dance classes for adults, modern dance classes, contemporary dance classes,
flamenco dance class at the american dance institute
One of our adult and teen tap classes.
ballet classes seattle and shoreline
  • See all of our dance classes for adults by clicking the 'MENU' button above and to the right.

I think that adults searching for a "dance studio near me" or "adult dance classes near me" will find the American Dance Institute's approach refreshingly different. Our classes blend ...

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excellent instruction with a relaxed atmosphere, devoid of the usual formalities and distance often encountered in "dance studios near me for adults." From the first interaction to each "dance class," our environment is friendly and inclusive. Teachers focus on giving everyone equal, thoughtful attention, ensuring a nurturing space where every student feels valued and supported in their dance journey.

Elizabeth Chayer Founder, Director


Begining Dance Classes For Kids   Ages 2.5-4 and 5-7

Magnolia Winterfest Pre-Ballet Dance Class ages 5-7
Hip Hop dance classes at the American Dance Institute
  • Stay and watch your kids take class in our comfortable observation rooms. 
  • See all of our kid's dance classes by clicking the 'MENU' button above and to the right.

Our Kid's Dance Classes Are More Important Than Ever

I have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic's significant impact on our children's social and physical development and I have something to say....  

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With lockdowns and social distancing measures limiting their in-person play, socialization, and regular physical activity opportunities severely curtailed, this isolation has affected their ability to develop essential social skills and maintain physical health. In response to these challenges, the American Dance Institute (ADI) has ...emphasized its approach to teaching the whole child, addressing the physical aspect of dance education and focusing on children's social and intellectual needs. ADI's programs foster a supportive and inclusive environment where children can engage in creative expression, enhance their physical fitness, and develop critical social skills through interaction with peers and instructors. This holistic approach helps mitigate the pandemic's impacts by promoting a balanced development path, ensuring children receive the comprehensive support needed to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children's social development has been a significant concern among researchers and healthcare professionals. Studies published in medical journals have discussed various aspects of how the pandemic has set back children's social development. For example, research highlighted in JAMA Pediatrics explores the socioemotional development of infants and toddlers during the pandemic, emphasizing the importance of understanding these impacts to plan for ongoing needs in early intervention and education systems.

Another study, detailed in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, investigated the social communication skill attainment in babies born during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. This study, part of the CORAL (Impact of Corona Virus Pandemic on Allergic and Autoimmune Dysregulation in Infants Born During Lockdown) Study, focused on a cohort of term Irish infants born during the first three months of the pandemic. It assessed the development of key social communication skills and found notable differences when compared to pre-pandemic cohorts, suggesting that the pandemic has had a tangible effect on early childhood social development milestones.

These examples from medical journals underscore the profound effect that the pandemic has had on the youngest members of our society, affecting their ability to reach key developmental milestones at expected times. The findings call for a focused approach to address these developmental delays, emphasizing the need for targeted interventions and support systems to mitigate the pandemic's long-term effects on children's social development.

Kid's Dance Classes  Ages 8–12

kid's ballet, kids ballet, children's ballet classes,
kids' Flamenco dance classes Seattle
  • Stay and watch your kids take class in our comfortable observation rooms. 
  • See all of our dance classes by clicking the 'MENU' button above and to the right.

  • Stay and watch classes in our comfortable observation rooms. 
  • See all of our juniors and teens dance classes by clicking the 'MENU' button above and to the right.

Six spacious dance studios in four locations including Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and Shoreline.

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  • Every class is available for a free trial.
  • Select the Free Trial option at the time of class registration.
  • You must register before attending class (no credit card required)

Stellar Reviews

We Welcome All Of These Body Types

Ballet body types, these are all perfectly acceptable.

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Contact us for private lessons and dance studio rentals at all locations. 

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All ages birthday parties.  

- The Chayer Family; Steve,  Elizabeth (ADI founder), Denny, Andy at Mount Denali National Park, AK.

Dancing actually brought me joy! 

“I had no delusions of becoming a prima ballerina starting dance classes as a college student, but I found it such a beautiful, invigorating and fun way to stay in shape, so much more rewarding than going to the gym. Dancing actually brought me joy! read more

Elizabeth Chayer, American Dance Institute founder and director. Visit her Wikipedia mention here.

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Earn your teaching certificate and walk into any dance studio with confidence, ready to teach children, teens, and adults how to dance. 
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Recent School Awards

American Dance Institute award by Three Best

The American Dance Institute, was handpicked as a Top 3 choice for Dance Classes in Seattle, Washington. All of the selections face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence.

The American Dance Institute  was one of just six prominent dance schools featured in a recent issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.

How humbled and honored we are to be mentioned in the same article as the Joffrey Ballet, Mark Morris Dance Center, The Rockets of New York City, Koresh Dance Company of Philadelphia, and Contemporary Ballet Dallas.   Thank you, Martha! 
American Dance Institute - Greenwood reviews on Fresh Chalk

The readers of Seattle start up Fresh Chalk voted American Dance Institute the Best Seattle Dance Classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do classes work?

  • Our classes are set up to be weekly lessons and are offered by age group for toddlers aged 2.5–3.5, kids aged 3.5-7, children aged 8–11, teens aged 11–15, or adults aged 15+ at various dance skill levels, including pre-beginner dance foundations classes. 
  • Your enrollment and tuition fee is for the full session season, typically 9-12 weeks. 
  • You can enroll anytime during the season for a prorated tuition fee. 
  • Class punch cards and drop-ins are available to dancers who can keep up without attending every week.
  • We also offer private lessons, depending on teacher availability.

How difficult are dance classes?

  • Beginning Level I classes allow students to start with no experience. 
  • Our dance classes start at the beginning level and progress throughout the season.
  • We offer advanced levels in all seasons of classes.
  • If you are in between levels, you can purchase a class card, and our teachers will help you find the right class.
  • Teaching dance is done with both teacher modeling and verbal explanations. Warm-up activities help students prepare for class by getting their bodies ready to learn dance moves safely.
  • For beginners to learn how to dance, teachers break down the steps very carefully, repeating steps many times with great patience. The final assembly of these components enables dancers to carry out a whole routine.
  • If you would rather learn at home, our Any Day Ballet offers an excellent and popular beginning ballet course.

Can I try a class before committing to a full course?

  • Yes, American Dance Institute has free trial classes to allow students to experience the class, the teacher, and the other classmates to ensure everything is a good fit.

What do I wear to dance class?

  • For all Creative Dance, Pre-Level, and Children’s classes students enrolled in our classes, we have a class dress code that must be followed. You can see the class dress codes here. 
  • We do not expect anyone taking a trial to make any purchases.
  • It is ok if you do not have attire matching our dress code for the first day of class.
  •  You can also check our swap box at each of our studios for donated outgrown leotards and shoes.
  • Jr./teen & adult classes do not have a dress code.

What if I take a few cases but don't want to continue?

  • We want dancing to be fun for everyone!
  • If you don't enjoy your class, we can help you pick another class; we can also credit you for future classes or give a refund for the remaining classes 30 days from your drop date.

What types of dance classes are available to me?

  • The American Dance Institute offers a variety of dance styles, such as ballet, hip hop, jazz, flamenco, contemporary, tap, modern/contemporary, shuffle, and more.

Does the American Dance Institute offer any beginner-friendly dance classes in my area?

  • If you live near Seattle or Shoreline, Washington, you live near 6 of the most friendly beginning dance classes in town. The American Dance Institute offers dance classes that students love. Most dance studios offer beginner-level classes. Look for terms like introductory, beginner, or 101 in the class descriptions when checking studio schedules online or calling them directly to inquire. Beware; however, many studios mix beginning students in with intermediate-level classes (to fill them up). It may be difficult to keep up, and the teacher isn't likely to spend much time with you if they notice you at all.

What should I consider before enrolling in a dance class?

  • Consider factors such as your level of experience, the style of dance you are interested in, class schedule compatibility with your routine, the qualifications of the instructor(s), distance from your location, refund policies, free trial class opportunities, and tuition fees.
  • Does the studio have sprung floors that offer protection to feet and ankles?

Dance Classes That Adults, Teens, Kids & Toddlers Love!

Everyone is welcome!

Expert, gifted teachers who really break things down for you so you'll learn quickly.

Real beginning dance classes that progress in each session.

Every dance studio is spacious and  wide open with safe 'Sprung Floors' that protect your feet, ankles and knees. 

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More Information

Dance Classes in The Local Community

Dancing unites people from many cultures and communities through expression and movement in Seattle and the surrounding cities and neighborhoods. The American Dance Institute (ADI) is distinguished among the many dance schools that dot this landscape by its dedication to providing broad range of dance forms and lessons catered to all ages and skill levels.

ADI is now mainstay of dance instruction, with sites in the Magnolia, Wedgwood, and Greenwood neighborhoods of Seattle as well as in Shoreline, Washington. thorough look into ADI's curriculum and philosophy can be found on their website,, for those who are interested in learning more about the organization's wide range of services.American Dance students travel from Bellevue, Kirkland, Bothell, Edmonds, Lynnwood, North Creek, Mercer Island, Bainbridge Island, Inglewood-Finn Hill, Kenmore, Mountlake Terrace, Woodinville, and surrounding areas to attend dance classes. This region is melting pot of dance traditions and styles.

There is something for everyone in the area, from the graceful elegance of ballet classes to the exuberant energy of hip hop dance and the refined poise of ballroom dancing. In addition to teaching the skill of dance, dancing schools and studios in these towns encourage their students' creativity and sense of community.This goal is best demonstrated by the American Dance Institute, which offers dancers of all backgrounds and skill levels welcoming, enjoyable, and non-competitive atmosphere in which to pursue their passion for dancing. In Greenwood, Seattle, or any of the other cities and villages, ADI's dedication to high-quality dance instruction and community involvement is evident. The institute is respected component of the American dance community because of its emphasis on teaching personal development, technical proficiency, and the love of dance.


About American Dance institute

At the American Dance Institute in Seattle, WA, you'll find a vibrant community where dance classes are more than just a physical exercise. Embracing body positivity and a diverse range of experiences, the studio in the lively neighborhood of Wedgwood offers a variety of genres, from the rhythmic taps of Irish dance to the passionate flair of Flamenco. Inspired by the world of dance, including influences from pop icons like Beyoncé and Shakira to renowned choreographers like Mark Morris and Alvin Ailey, the institute is a melting pot of culture and creativity.

Classes are designed for everyone, regardless of gender, age, or experience level. Whether it's a child taking their first steps in hip hop dance, an adult reliving the 'Lose Yourself' vibe from a classic Eminem music video, or a group of friends celebrating a bachelorette party with a Beyoncé-themed dance class, the institute fosters an environment where rhythm, muscle memory, and communication come together harmoniously.

The instructors emphasize the importance of understanding the groove and tempo of music, essential for styles like tap dance, popping, or aerobic exercises. They leverage popular platforms like TikTok and music from different genres to keep the classes contemporary and engaging. It's not just about learning dance moves; it's about embracing the art form as a means of expression, health, and building a sense of community.

With a focus on creativity, learning, and health, the American Dance Institute in Seattle, WA, is more than a dance studio—it's a place where the rhythm of dance meets the rhythm of life, integrating skeletal muscle movements with the soulful beats of pop music and the artistic expressions of different cultures.

Finding the right dance studio for quality dance education can be a challenging journey for both parents seeking classes for their children and adults looking for a less formal, yet high-standard learning environment. This guide highlights key points to consider when searching for "dance classes near me," emphasizing the advantages of the American Dance Institute (ADI) amidst other institutions.

Dance Institutions and Their Styles

When exploring options, it's essential to acknowledge the diversity and expertise offered by various studios. Institutions like the Broadway Dance Center and the Mark Morris Dance Center are known for their specific dance styles. Similarly, the Fred Astaire Dance Studios and Arthur Murray excel in ballroom and Latin dance, offering a structured curriculum for couples. For those inclined towards contemporary and hip-hop, The Millennium Dance Complex provides an energetic atmosphere though it is npt local. Additionally, fitness-oriented dance classes like Zumba and Jazzercise offer a fun way to stay active, blending dance with workout routines. However, you won’t actually learn traditional dance styles..

Inspirational Spaces and Historical Significance

The ambiance of a dance studio significantly impacts the learning experience. Studios like Dance Place and the Dance Mission Theater are not just about learning dance; they're about becoming part of a community that breathes creativity and passion. 

Focus on Youth and Dance Troupes

For parents, studios that not only offer dance education but also involve children in dance competitive troupes, provide an invaluable experience of teamwork and performance. Ballet East Dance Company and various dance academies nurture young talents, guiding them through their dance journey. Again though, they are not local.

The American Dance Institute Advantage

Six Convenient Studio Locations

The American Dance Institute stands out with its six studios located in Seattle neighborhoods, including Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and the North City neighborhood of Shoreline, Washington. This makes it incredibly convenient for both parents and adults to find a class that fits their schedule and location preferences.

A Certified Teaching Staff

ADI takes pride in its certified teaching staff, who are not just skilled dancers but also trained educators. This ensures a learning environment that is supportive, effective, and tailored to meet the needs of each student, whether they are a child or an adult.

ADI students often get the chance to interact with professionals such as the Nutcracker Christmas Ballet and partake in events that enrich their dance education and exposure.

In conclusion, whether you're inspired by the legacy of institutions like the Broadway Dance Center or the community spirit of places like Dance Mission Theater, it's clear that the right studio can significantly enhance your dance journey. The American Dance Institute, with its six convenient studio locations in Seattle and Shoreline Washington, its certified staff, and community engagement, offers a compelling choice for those seeking quality dance education in a welcoming environment.

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