Contemporary Dance Classes Near Me (you)

Modern dance class performers from  at a Greenwood-Phinney ArtWalk event.

In addition to modern dance for adults, American Dance Institute also offers teen modern dance classes, and kids modern dance classes for ages 8-12.

About Our Contemporary Dance Classes

In the contemporary class, students will be able to learn the basics of ballet, modern, lyrical and hip hop to create a unique and fluid way of moving! 

The first part of our contemporary dance lessons is a short but thorough warm-up to improve flexibility, strength, and body awareness. 

Following the warm-up, phrase work concentrating on directional and weight changes, rhythm, and Laban Fundamentals .We will explain what this means if you need to learn them. 

Students by the end of this class will be proficient in the core basics of the aforementioned styles and be able to execute choreography at a high level! They'll will walk away from each class feeling very connected to their body.

Ours is a beginner's class; intermediate and advanced level students are welcome; however, be advised that it will be taught at the beginning level and paced accordingly.

Contemporary Dance Class Schedule

Starting January 2023

Wednesdays 7:00-8:15PM in Shoreline Studio 1

with Kalena Tadio

Fridays 7:15-8:30 pm in Greenwood Studio 1 

with Brinn Coleman-Kjesbu

Meet Your Dance Instructors

Brinn Coleman Hip Hop & Modern Dance Instructor
Brinn Coleman-Kjesbu, Teacher,  Administrator

Hip Hop,  Modern &  Administrative Assistant

Brinn Coleman attended Humboldt State University where he graduated with honors with his degree in Dance Studies.

He was born and raised in Arcata, California where he grew up in a studio and was trained in ballet. 

At the age of ten... 


he began training in hip hop, modern, and contemporary dance styles.

During his time at Humboldt State University, he had the pleasure of working with talented choreographers such as Sharon Butcher, Kyleigh Carlson, and Emmy-award winning choreographer, Daryl Thomas.

Brinn attended the 2020 Western regional conference of the American College Dance Association in Arizona.

Kalena Tadio teaches for the American Dance Institute

Kalena Tadio, Teacher

Kalena Tadio joins the American Dance Institute's Shoreline studios, where she will teach hip-hop hula and contemporary dance and will instruct adults, teens, and children.

Kalena started dancing when she was five years old. She studied hip-hop, hula, ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical/contemporary, and modern dance.

She received training at Pac West Performing Arts in Snohomish, Washington. She has gone on to teach and choreograph many performances.

Kalena loves to dance and wants to share it with all her students.

She can't wait to dance with you!

What is contemporary dance like?

These intermediate level contemporary dance videos are from YouTube, not American Dance Institute. They are a nice representation of the contemporary dance style. This doesn't necessarily represent the choreography and movement you'll learn in Brinn's class.

What is the difference between Modern and Contemporary Dance?

Modern Dance is a form devoid of classical ballet's limitations that focuses on creative interpretations drawn from the soul

Our is a particular type of concert dance known as that focuses on non-choreographed motions influenced by compositional philosophy.

Basic History

Modern: Modern was a dance style derived at the beginning of the 20th century as a rebellion against ballet. The modern dance style went against the rules of ballet during its inception and emphasized body awareness and health. Pioneers like Martha Graham, Katherine Dunham, and Isadora Duncan made a movement that challenged the boundaries of what Dance is. Modern, since then, has reclaimed some ballet techniques to explore movement and body awareness; fluid and freeform movement contrasted by contraction and expansion of the body. 

Contemporary: Contemporary Dance can be seen as an amalgamation of various dance styles, taking inspiration from across the dance spectrum. Ballet, Modern, and Hip Hop are the prominent influencers for Contemporary choreographers. Techniques from these previously mentioned dance styles emphasize Contemporary while also engaging students through choreography. The movement can be described as dynamic and contrasting, as multiple styles wrap into one cohesive piece. 

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Contemporary dance - Wikipedia

Contemporary dance - Wikipedia