Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many dance classes a week are sufficient?

For kids in beginning level dance classes, one class a week is usually sufficient. However, if you have an enthusiastic little dancer, we welcome you as often as you’d like to come. For older children and upper level classes, twice a week or more is recommended to build the muscle memory required for advanced work. The dancers who want more performance opportunities typically take 4-6 classes a week. Cross training in several dance disciplines is common since most dance companies require dancers to have both classical and contemporary training.

2. Should I choose Dance or Sports?

Dance strengthening is the ideal foundation for all sports. Elizabeth, our founder and director once taught a dance class that included Alaska Pacific University’s wrestling team. They thought it was going to be an easy credit. Nope. However, they did credit her in large part for their first winning season.

3. How do I choose the right dance style?

Young children usually start in Parent/Toddler and Creative Dance classes. Then they can choose from Pre-Ballet, Tap, Pre-Irish and Pre-Hip Hop. For older children, teens and adults, Ballet is always recommended as a starting class as it builds an excellent foundation for other styles of dance as well as sports. But students can start in whichever style of dance excites them. If you are unsure, come on in and sample several classes to see which type of dance is the best fit.

4. Do I stay and watch or leave while my child is in class?

Totally your call. We have comfortable waiting rooms with large observation windows if you would like to stay and watch your child, as well as a quiet waiting room in our office building if you would like quiet space to wait. You can also leave to run an errand, grab a coffee, etc. Your child is in good hands.

5. How do you treat shy children?

We understand shy children. While, as a rule of thumb, we ask that parents leave the studio once class begins, when necessary we make exceptions for the shy child. We are very sensitive to their needs and understand they want to take part, but anxiety gets the better of them and they can’t let go of mom or dad’s leg. In these instances, we invite mom or dad into the studio with the child until the child gets acclimated to the instructor and the class. Mom or dad can join the activities if necessary, then wean off to sit on the side, and eventually leave to watch from the observation room, (where your child can still see you). This process can take 1-3 weeks, and it usually works. If you suspect your child might be in this category, please let us know ahead of time and we’ll give the instructor a heads up.

6. Are there boys in any of your dance classes?

Yes, we typically get a good number of boys in our Hip-Hop, Creative Dance and Toddler classes. While some of our other classes may not get any boys, rest assured that if you enroll you son in class, we will make sure that he feels welcome and at ease. Certain techniques, like Ballet, entail some men’s exercises that ladies do not do. They will be introduced to these variations.

We occasionally offer a “Boys Dance Sampler” which includes an introduction to Ballet, Musical Theatre, and Contemporary styles of dance which is just for boys. If this is a class that would interest you, please shoot an email and let us know so we can let you know when the next one will be offered

7. Do you have programs for Special Needs Students?

Yes. We offer private instruction and sometimes group classes for students with some physical or learning disabilities. Depending on the severity of the disability, they can sometimes assimilate into a mainstream class. Contact us with your specific situation and we will see what we can arrange.

8. Can I start dance classes after soccer season (or another conflicting sport or activity) is over? 

Yes. We try to make accommodations for those students who play sports by allowing them to join a class after their sports season has ended, provided that there is space available in the class. For certain classes, this may sometimes require a couple of private lessons to get students up to speed with what they have missed. If they are able to take classes the rest of the year, they will usually catch up after a short absence.

9. What if my schedule changes mid session?

If a schedule conflict arises or if you decide the class you registered for was not a good fit, we will try our best to accommodate you in a different class.

10. Do you provide parking?

In Greenwood, there is limited parking in a small gravel lot behind the studio accessible through the alley directly behind the office building. There is additional free on-street parking on both sides of Greenwood, on 80th St. along St. John School and on both sides of 81st St. Please help us mitigate the parking impact on our neighbors by parking smart and not leaving a half-car length between you and the car in front of, behind or next to you. Thanks in advance.

In Magnolia, there is lots of on street parking next to the studio.

In Shoreline, there is plenty of free parking in our parking lot.

11. Do you sell dance attire?

Yes, we do. We do not have a store in our studios, we have an online store which you can view here.

We also have a swap box of dance shoes and leotards that we recycle through our student body at no charge. Feel free to check out the swap boxes, located in the waiting areas or dressing rooms, for your size before purchasing any dance apparel. When you outgrow your dance attire, you can donate them back to the swap box.

New dance apparel can be purchased from our American Dance web store or at Centerstage Capezio located in the university District at 5216 University Way NE 98115

12. What if I miss a class?

No problem! When you return, your instructor will help you catch up with whatever material you missed. And you are welcome to do a make up class in any other class within the same session as long as it is age and level appropriate. It is helpful if you notify the office if you’re going to miss class or do a make up class so we can give the instructor a heads up.

13. Do you rent out the studio?

Yes, generally we do. The rates are $25 per hour for an individual, for 'other' dance classes we charge $35 per hour and for workshops we charge $50 per hour.

Dress code for 2019-2020 school year:

Dancers should wear any clothing that they can easily move in and should have bare feet.

Girls wear black cotton tank leotard (Bloch style #CL5405) with pink footless tights. Boys wear black shorts or sweats, white t-shirt and bare feet.

Girls wear short sleeve cotton leotard (Bloch Style #CL5402) in light pink, pink tights and pink Ballet slippers. Boys wear black tights, a white t-shirt and black or white Ballet slippers.

Girls wear short sleeve cotton leotard (Bloch Style #CL5402) in light pink, pink tights, pink Ballet slippers and black tap shoes. Boys wear black tights and white T shirt, black or white Ballet slippers and black tap shoes.
Note: Please get tap shoes with an elastic tie to facilitate the changing of footwear.

Girls wear short sleeve cotton leotard (Bloch style #CL5402) in pastel blue, pink tights and pink Ballet slippers. Boys wear black tights, white t-shirt and black or white Ballet slippers.

Girls wear cotton tank leotard (Bloch style #5405) in black, pink tights and pink Ballet slippers. Boys wear black tights, white t-shirt and black or white Ballet slippers.

Black leotard (any style), pink tights (with or without feet) and pink Ballet slippers is suggested attire. Any form-fitting clothes will do!

IRISH DANCE – Children
Black shorts, white T-shirt, white socks and Black Ghillies for girls or black Jazz shoe for boys.

IRISH DANCE – Adult/Teens
Any comfortable dance attire and black ghillies

JAZZ – Children
Girls wear black leggings, tank or camisole top or leotard, and black non-marking jazz shoes. Men wear black dance pants, t-shirt and black non-marking jazz shoes.

JAZZ – Teen/Adult
Any comfortable dance attire and black non-marking jazz shoes.

TAP – Children
Black leggings with fitted tank top or t-shirt, or any comfortable dance attire, tap shoes.

TAP – Teen/Adult
Any comfortable dance attire and Tap shoes.

MODERN – Children
Black calf-length or leggings with fitted t-shirt, tank top or camisole, bare feet.

MODERN – Teen/Adult
Any comfortable dance attire and Jazz shoes.

Loose fitting pants or dance pants, t-shirt, dance sneakers or regular sneakers that are designated for inside use only.

Ladies wear leotard, full skirt and flamenco shoes. Men wear dance pants, shirt and flamenco shoes.

Centerstage Dance Shop, 5261 University Way NE. (527-4697)  Website Here      Map & Directions 

Updated: 2019-01-15