Creative Dance and Pre-Dance Division:

Our Creative Dance Students (ages 3-5) and Pre-dance divisions (ages 5-7) will do an end of year performance in the studio the last week of our Spring session. Each class presentation will last a half hour so there is plenty of time to show the many things the students have worked on over the school year, as opposed to 3 minutes in a stage presentation.

Why don’t we put them on the stage yet? Most kids younger than 8 are exploring activities to see where their interest lies. We believe young children should have the opportunity to explore their movement potential without the constraints, cost and stressful demands of a big performance. And while many young children love to perform, they do not need to be on a big stage to get that thrill – they are just as happy performing in a less formal presentation.

In addition, the added cost of an onstage performance requires a long stretch of time for dress/tech rehearsal, which given the theatre availability, runs late into the evening and is quite taxing on the younger dancers.

Our parents and grandparents love our no cost, no stress presentations for the younger set where they can be up close and personal, take great photos and up-close video footage.

ADI will provide tutus for the Creative and Pre-Ballet classes to be worn over their class leotard.  Since Hip-Hop is more of a street style dance, we have the Pre-Hip-Hop wear the regular dance attire that they wear for class and ADI will embellish with something to tie the group together. 

Children and Junior/Teen Division:

Students in our Children’s division (ages 8-10) and our Junior/Teen division (ages 11-14) perform in a theatre recital at Ballard High School Auditorium on the Saturday following the end of our Spring session. There is extra cost involved with the theatre recital: Approximately $75 costume and recital fee and $22 per ticket for admission.

Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker

ADI is proud to be the host school for the Moscow Ballet’s visit to Seattle when they perform the great Russian Nutcracker. Ballet students ages 7-17 are eligible to audition in September to perform alongside the Moscow Ballet in this classic family holiday favorite which will be performed at the Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle in early November. There are extra fees involved to be part of this performance.   

Adult/Teen Division:

Students in select advancing adult/teen division classes have the option to perform twice a year in our Greenwood studio as part of Phinneywood Art Walk. There is no charge for Art Walk performances.

Irish Dancers:

All of our Irish dancers (wee ones on up to advanced adults) are invited to perform at local senior homes during St Patrick’s week. They also often perform at Phinneywood Art Walk in May and December.