American Dance Institute Ballet Class Guide

Pre - Ballet

Ages 5-7

 Our Pre-Ballet classes will introduce the important elementary ballet work, but the class will be wrapped in fun themes and will incorporate a lot of the dancers own personal expression. They will have fun and feel like little ballerinas in our Pre-Ballet class while the work is being done to build their foundation and the love of ballet takes root.

Children's Ballet

Ages 8-10

Children's Ballet Classes Ages 8-10

In our Children's Ballet Classes for 8-10 year olds , students begin ballet barre work and, center floor work.. The students will spend at least half of their class time at the ballet barre learning the essential movement and building muscle memory. The second half of class will be spent in center floor learning the  Port de Bras, Petite Allegro and everyone's favorite - Grande Allegro (big jumps, leaps and traveling steps). In Spring Session students will work on  choreography for their June studio performances.

Jr/Teen Ballet

Ages 11-14

Our Junior Ballet students expands upon the Kids’s Ballet learning but is geared for the slightly older student. Juniors work to increase extensions, expand their dance vocabulary, and combine multiple 'steps' together into one phrase.  In Spring Session, students will work on choreography for the end of year performances. 

Adult Ballet

Ages 15 +

Classes for age 15 and up are grouped with our Adult Ballet Classes. Classes vary in size and some classes have a mix of older teens, young adults and middle aged adults.  At least two ballet classes a week is highly recommended to build the essential muscle memory needed to progress to Pointe classes.

En Pointe

Ages 12 +

Dancing En Pointe is for the experienced dancer only, and requires approval and minimum of two technique classes weekly in addition to the pointe classes. 

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