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ArtWalk Dance Performances

May 2018 Greenwood-Phinney Performances

Below are videos of dance performances from our recent and awesome May 2018 ArtWalk  event. 

There were two performances that evening and I filmed them first from stage left and again from stage right. I am posting both here so that you can view your performance or your child's in the best possible perspective.

Here they are. I hope you enjoy watching them. You look terrific BTW :)

Modern Dance Class-Adult Teen Intermediate  (Stage Left)

Modern Dance Class- Adult Teen Intermediate (Stage Right)

Wayne Rutledge Photography

Ballet Class Performance Intermediate Level   (Stage Left)

Ballet Class Performance Intermediate Level Stage Right)

Children's Ballet III Performance (Stage Right)

Children's Ballet III Performance (Stage Left)

Hip Hop Junior/Teen Intermediate (Stage Right)

Wayne Rutledge Photography

Hip Hop Junior/Teen Intermediate (Stage Left)

Wayne Rutledge Photography

Children's, Junior, & Adult Irish (Stage Right)

Children's, Junior, & Adult Irish (Stage Left)

Flamenco Dance - Sevillana   (Stage Right)

Flamenco Dance- Sevillanas  (Stage Left)

  Tap Dance Adult/Teen II              (Stage Right)

Tap Dance Adult/Teen II                (Stage Left)

Tap Dance Adults, Juniors & Teens- Intermediate Level     (Stage Right)

Tap Dance Adults, Juniors & Teens- Intermediate Level     (Stage Left)

  Adult/Teen Modern II (Stage Right)

Adult/Teen Modern II (Stage Left)