Youth Auditions for Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker

Area Dance Students Are Invited To Audition To Dance In The Great Russian Nutcracker With The Moscow Ballet At Seattle's Paramount Theater

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The Great Russian Nutcracker Audition Date Will Be Announced Soon.

Auditions are FREE and OPEN to all greater Seattle area dancers ages 6-18 who have had at least 1 year of ballet training and are currently enrolled in a ballet class.

If cast, dancers need to be available to learn the choreography from our Moscow Ballet audition director. ADI's staff will then rehearse the dancers and get them ready for performance.

If cast, dancers must be available for mandatory rehearsals after school (Dates TBA) and Saturdays and/or Sundays (time TBA) as your group is scheduled. 

There is no audition fee, however if cast, there is a $150 fee to cover the cost of rehearsals and cleaning costumes. Limited scholarships are available. Please inquire in the office: 206-783-0755.

Dress Rehearsal will also be on the same day as the performance. The students will need to be available all day. 

The 2019 performance dates are Thursday, November 7th and Friday, November 8th at Seattle's Paramount Theater.

Audition dates will be in early September. Dates & Times TBA.

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Moscow Ballet’s Dance with Us program has brought tens of thousands of student dancers onstage to perform annually in a professional environment for 24 years – a once in a lifetime experience for many children!

The Dancing Roles To Be Cast For 2018's Seattle Performance


* Party Children:  Ages 7-11, 6 girls and 6 boys (or girls dressed as boys)

* Mice: Ages 10-12

* Little Snowflakes: Ages 6-8      Note: Must have 1 year ballet training


· Snow Maidens:  Older girls ages 10 to 14  (Not on pointe)

· 4 Snow Sprites: Older Girls from 10-14.  Can be on pointe if technique is good. Decision will be made by audition director

· Spanish: 2 dancers ages 8-10 & 2 dancers ages 12-18,  pointe optional

· Chinese: 2 dancers ages 8-10 & 2 older dancers ages 12-18, pointe optional

· Russian: 2 dancers ages 8-10  & 2 dancers ages 11–18

· French: 2 dancers ages 7- 8

· Arabian: 2 dancers – ages 12-18, Pointe optional

There will be two performances in Seattle 2019.

The New York Times Says...

Moscow Ballet: ‘Great Russian Nutcracker’

When Russians are involved, there are bound to be certain advantages: a magnetic sense of theater, along with decent costumes and sets. This “Nutcracker” unfolds at Mayor Stahlbaum’s annual Christmas Eve Ball — a hot ticket, apparently — and features the dancers Ekaterina Bortiakova and Akzhol Mussakhanov in the leads, as well as new set designs by Carl Sprague, who is known for his work in films like “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” His Waltz of the Flowers scene is inspired by the gardens in the Grand Palace of Peterhof in St. Petersburg. 

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Moscow Ballet Soloists/Audition Directors tour the country conducting auditions for student dancers at Moscow Ballet’s local host dance studios from August through October.

Student dancers, boys and girls, ages 6 to 18 years, who have at least one year of ballet training, may audition for ancillary roles in the Great Russian Nutcracker such as Party Children, Mice, Snowflakes, Angels and more.

The selected children will rehearse at our host dance studio: American Dance Institute, and perform in the Great Russian Nutcracker at Seattle's Paramount Theater.

Los Angeles Times, Lewis Segal, “Christmas cheer...virtuosity...faultless mastery”

 New York Times, Chief Dance Critic, “Knockout, brimful with feeling, kids...wide-eyed delight”

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Eric Harrison, “Dazzlingly shows Russian roots, sterling style”

 Calgary Herald, Stephen BonfieldTechnically supreme dancing, opulent, magical moments”

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American Dance Institute partners with the world famous Moscow Ballet to stage their Great Russian Nutcracker Seattle performance at the Paramount Theater. Greater Seattle area dance students perform on stage with the Moscow Ballet's Dance with Us program. See Audition Information below.

Behind The Scenes Of Seattle's Cutest Nutcracker Auditions

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2017 Seattle area cast members for the Great Russian Nutcracker.

Seattle Refined, Komom TV, Seattle Moscow Ballet Auditions, American Dance Institute

Komo Television's Seattle Refined videotaped portions of Seattle's Moscow Ballet Nutcracker auditions and they interviewed participants at American Dance Institute's Greenwood Studios. Their show aired Tuesday, September 19th at 3 pm on Channel 4.   

Watch it now:Behind The Scenes Of The Cutest Nutcracker Auditions

Nutcracker, Moscow Ballet, American Dance Institute

60-100 Seattle dance students will dance with the Moscow Ballet in their Seattle performance of the Great Russian Nutcracker this November.

"The true highlight of the night, however, was seeing all the Calgary children..."

The true highlight of the night, however, was seeing all the Calgary children who successfully auditioned to dance as mice, snowflakes and assorted minor colourful characters. They were truly adorable, and should be congratulated for their very skilled and enthusiastic participation.

“It really brought the idea home that the Great Russian Nutcracker is a wonderful chance for children to be in a full-length production and experience first-hand an authentic classical ballet from this uniquely Russian company of remarkable performers.” Calgary Herald, Stephan Bonfield, 2014.