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Contemplating a better work life balance?

Contemplating a better work life balance?

Work Life Balance

Millions of Americans are feeling burned out and are pursuing  a healthier, more interesting work-life balance.  Perhaps you'd like a fun and rewarding side hustle or perhaps a new career that feeds you rather than eats you.

If are you a dancer with at least one year of experience, would like to showcase your talents and work in a wonderful environment doing something you love,  then consider becoming a dance teacher.

Three Things All Dance Teachers Need

1. Content: You need to know what to teach to different age groups and how to break it down for each of those groups.

2. Know How: You need to know the best way to present the information to your students given their age and their physical, intellectual and emotional development.

3. A Mentor: You need someone to guide you and critique your teaching and help you navigate the external conditions that can affect the success or lack thereof of your classes (things like the space you are using, classroom management, behavior issues, group dynamic, use of props and more).

You know how to dance, we'll teach you how to teach it.

"I have been dancing for years, why do I need  teacher training?"

Not every dancer knows how to teach. Teaching is an art and skill unto itself. The necessary knowledge and skills could be learned through trial and error but that would take a long time. The training and practice our teacher training course provides will shorten the learning curve significantly, and give you the skills you need to command a top salary right out of the chute.  

Ballet-for-Kids-Ages-5-7 at the American Dance Institute.

"Don't I need a four year degree to teach dance?"

No, you do not need a expensive four year degree to become a superbly qualified dance teacher. Public institutions may require a degree, but there are many that do not and there are many more private schools that do not require a degree.  

We teach exactly what you need to know and we teach you how to do it well. Many of the higher education programs teach dance well, but very few teach dancers how to teach dance.

Teacher Training Children's Classes Course #1

Mommy & Me, Children's Creative Dance, & Pre-Ballet Dance

Course Length: 16 Weeks

Cost: $2,000 
(payment plans available)

We launch our program beginning with Mommy & Me for children ages 2.5-4 years,  Creative Dance for children ages 3-5, and Pre-Ballet for ages 5-7 years.

Training will be lead by American Dance Institute Founder/Director Director Elizabeth Chayer, and Assistant Director, Dakota Crist.

Instruction will be spread out over the course of 4 months and the observing and TA’ing will be spread over 5 months.

Training will be held at our Wedgwood location. Class observations and TA’ing can be done at any of our

Training to teach older children and adults ballet and other styles will be available sometime later in 2023

Hip Hop dance classes at the American Dance Institute

Hip Hop dance classes teacher training  at the American Dance Institute, Seattle

The Course Of Study Includes The Following:

  • 20 classroom hours of instruction in teaching methods and ADI syllabi
  • 35 Studio Hours Observing Classes
  • 10 + hours of student teaching
  • 10 + hours of  mentorship critiquing and coaching by Elizabeth and/or Dakota after student teaching all classes.
  • Ongoing mentorship training as long as you desire it.  
  • Syllabus Binder with detailed notes for all 3 curricula.
  • Music Recommendations for all classes
  • Upon completion of the program, candidates will receive a Dance Teaching Certificate showing completion of training at the American Dance Institute.
  • Graduates would be seriously considered for employment at ADI.
  • The knowledge gained qualifies you to teach at any other private and possibly public dance school.  College bound students can work teaching dance part time in your college town! Or teach for the American Dance Institute' s Summer classes & Camps
  • Ongoing in-person coaching as requested if teaching at ADI. If you are teaching at another school, coaching will be available if you send a video of the classes you would like critiqued.

Session 1 Training Schedule Begins January 7, 2023

  • January 7-March 26, 2023: Observe and/or TA in a Mommy & Me class (Saturday or Sunday 9:00-9:40am)
  • Sunday, January 8, 2:00-7:00pm: Lesson on Teaching Methods and critical elements that need to be present in every class. Go over Mommy & Me Syllabus with variations on warm up exercises, movement activities and Creative Dances for Toddlers.
  • Sunday, February 5, 2023, 2:00-7:00pm: Opportunities for candidates to teach all or part of a mock Mommy & Me class to their peers, with a discussion/critique afterwards. Go over Creative Dance Syllabus with variations on warm up exercises, movement activities and Creative Dances for ages 3 ½ - 5 years.
  • February 13-June 22, 2023: Observe or TA in Creative Dance and Pre-Ballet classes on a weekly basis, 1
    day a week (Saturday or Sunday 9:45-11:30am or several weekday options available, and you will be given opportunities during the session to teach a portion of each class, and eventually a full class, with
    critique/coaching from Elizabeth and/or Dakota afterwards.
  • Sunday, March 5, 2023, 2:00-7:00pm: Teach part or all of a mock Creative Dance Class to your peers with a discussion/critique after.
    Go over the Pre-Ballet Syllabus with variations on warm up exercises, movement activities and Creative Dances for 5-7 years old.
  • Sunday, April 2, 2023, 2:00-7:00pm: Teach part or all of a mock Pre-Ballet class to your peers with a discussion/critique afterwards. Review all Syllabi.

Need more information? Contact me to discuss the program further:

Future Course Offerings In Development

Additional training courses to teach adults, teens and older children and/or other dance styles will be available sometime in 2023.  
  • Ballet Teacher Training Adults
  • Ballet Teacher Training For Kids

  • Modern Dance Teacher Training For Adults
  • Modern Dance Teacher Training For Kids
  • Jazz Teacher Training For Adults
  • Hip Hop Dance Teacher Training For Adults & Kids
  • Tap Dance Teacher Training For Adults
  • Tap Dance Teacher Training For Kids
Don't See Your Dance Style Listed?