Kid's Hip Hop Dance Classes Near Me

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American Dance Institute's kid's hip hop dance classes are a big hit at our Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and Shoreline studio locations.

Wrong Age? In addition to the class offerings here, American Dance Institute offers teen hip hop classes for ages 11-14, hip hop classes for kids ages 8-10, and adult hip hop classes.

Our Kid's Hip Hop Dance Classes Are All About Learning Movement, Improvisation & Physical Conditioning

Kid's Hip Hop dance has entered mainstream culture. Our kids, teens, and now adult dance classes are swelling with eager students. We teach the best elements of this fun, stylish and forgive us, 'hip' dance style.

Hip Hop Classes For Kids: Develops amazing core strength.

Our hip-hop dance class for children begins after a proper floor warm-up. During class, students work on strengthening their core muscles, which are essential for body control and the development of sound dancing techniques and developing a strong sense of rhythm.

Later, the class focuses on funk and hip-hop techniques and a lot of choreography to help the students assemble their dance moves, enhance their skill and expressive ability.

An effort is required, and your child will get a terrific workout which parents desire to enhance recreation fitness of everyday life. If you're looking to get your youngster into shape, get excellent training,  learn discipline, and experience some first class recreation, this class is for every son and daughter. However, classes though tough with a great balance of fun and seriousness, all the kids know is that they are enjoying themselves. They will experience happiness.

Hip Hop Classes For Kids: It's An Artform, Not a Fad

Hip-hop dance is often dismissed as little more than a passing craze, it has been around since the 1960s and is still popular though it is not considered a dance tradition, like ballet, tap, and Jazz. Kids' hip-hop dancing is now mainstream dance culture. If your child is interested in learning how to hip-hop, we will teach them the most important aspects of this dance, which is known for being exciting, fashionable, and "hip."

You'll see steady improvement week after week, and before long, your child will fashion their individual style and creativity.

And, of course, we play only clean music selections that are always family-friendly.

Class Schedules & Studio Locations

kids hip hop dance classes near me

Class Time

Class Not Available

Class Not Available This Session. Please check another nearby American Dance Institute studio.

Class Time

Location: Magnolia| Course: Pre-Hip Hop

12:50-1:40 PM
with Ivy

Class Time

Class Not Available

Class Not Available This Session. Please check another nearby American Dance Institute studio.

Class Time

Class Not Available

Class Not Available This Session. Please check another nearby American Dance Institute studio.

Class Time

Location: Greenwood| Course: Pre-Hip Hop

5:00-5:45 PM
with Ainsleigh, GW Studio #1
Sundays 12:15-1:00pm with Emma H., GW Studio #1

Class Time

Location: Magnolia| Course: Pre-Hip Hop

with Ivy, MG

Class Time

Location: Wedgwood| Course: Pre-Hip Hop

4:15-5:00 PM
with Jay, WW

Class Time

Location: Shoreline| Course: Pre-Hip Hop

4:00-4:45 PM with Kalena, SL Studio #1

Class time

Class Not Available

Class Not Available This Session. Please check another nearby American Dance Institute studio.

Meet Your Hip Hop Dance Instructors

Jay Tan, dance teacher, American Dance Institute
Jay Tan, Teacher

Hip Hop & Urban Dance

Jay Tan’s love for dance and movement began at 15 years old, in Singapore, when he participated in a cultural festival that incorporated various art forms to promote peace. From there, he dabbled in both modern contemporary and hip hop for two years, before fully immersing himself in hip hop and its culture. 


Jay found his first dance family with Singapore’s Soka Youth Dance Crew and has competed and performed internationally.

He became Artistic Director of NTU MJ Hip Hop and eventually produced and directed a 2-hour dance musical production involving 120 dancers in the company.

Jay’s other accomplishments include providing artistic direction for the opening ceremony of the first inaugural Youth Olympic Games, Artistic Director of Hip Hop Connxion Indiana, and founder/director of the ‘Jaywalkerz’ an Indiana based kids hip hop dance company.

He also had the opportunity under Boogiezone, to learn and perform alongside Napoleon and Tabitha (Nappytabs), Emmy Award-winning choreographers who are best known for their choreography on the television show So You Think You Can Dance.

Jay has mentored close to 150 dancers, using movement to instill positive values and life lessons. His classes focus on foundational techniques as well as choreography that fuses elements from different dance forms.

Jay believes that dance is more than just movement. It is an expression of the soul that needs to be seen and heard and a powerful tool that can instill positive change in our society.

When Jay is not dancing, he is either reading to expand his perspectives or exploring the beautiful outdoors in Washington and getting inspiration from his surroundings for his next creative endeavors."

Ainsleigh Orwin Instructor The American Dance Institute
Ainsleigh Orwin, Teacher/ Office Manager


Mommy Daddy & Me, Pre-Ballet, Creative Dance, Jazz, Ballet, Jazz, Modern

Ainsleigh Orwin has been dancing since she was 5 years old, beginning her training at Village Dance Arts in Claremont, CA studying modern, jazz, hip hop, and ballet.


Currently finishing up her last year at UW, she has expanded her love for dance by exploring improvisation and choreography.

Ainsleigh has performed in 3 UW Dance Concerts and recently choreographed, filmed, and edited a dance film for the 2021 Dance Majors Concert.

She has taught summer classes and camps in her hometown and with Metropolis Dance in the Seattle area. Ainsleigh graduates this June from the University of Washington with two degrees - one in Dance and one in Biology. 

Aside from dancing and teaching, Ainsleigh loves to go on hikes and nature walks, travel (pre- COVID), sing, and play with her roommate’s puppy!

Emma Holden, Teacher, Shoreline

Emma Holden

Emma Holden studied Hip-Hop at the American Dance Institute for several years while in elementary school and served as the Dance Captain for Ballard High School’s Dance Team while in high school. She currently attends UW, serves as an administrative assistant for ADI, and will teach Hip-Hop and Creative Dance at our Greenwood location this Fall.

Madison Au, Dance Teacher, American Danceinstitute
Madison (Madi) Au, Teacher, 
Greenwood, Magnolia, Wedgwood

Madison (Madi) Au, is a recent graduate from Cal Poly with a Dance Minor. Madi will teach Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, KPOP, Mommy/Daddy and Me, Creative Dance, and Pre-Ballet at our Greenwood, Magnolia, and Wedgewood locations.


She graduated from Cal Poly SLO, where she studied Psychology, Child Development, and Dance.

Madi has been dancing for over 20 years!

She teaches Modern, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, and Hip Hop. 

She has lived in California her whole life, and is new to the Seattle area. 

She is also a Marketing Coordinator for Launch Pop, and enjoys many other art forms such as crochet, painting, drawing, and singing.

She look forward to getting to know everyone and spreading my love for dance!

Ivy Anderson teaches for the American Dance Institute
Ivy Anderson, Teacher, 

Ivy Anderson has been dancing for 17 years, many of those years also serving as a teaching assistant and Instructor. Ivy will teach Mommy/Daddy and Me, Creative Dance, Pre-Ballet, and Hip-Hop at our Magnolia location.

Where Are The American Dance Institute Dance Studios Near Me?

Six spacious dance studios in four locations including Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and Shoreline.

Click on any red flag above to learn more about our studio locations.

Instructor Jazerelle Kellough leading our first hip hop class for kids in Shoreline, WA. Compliments of YouTube.

Kid's Hip Hop Dance & Fitness Training

The kids in this video clip with instructor, Jazrelle Kellough, demonstrate the fitness training that is incorporated into each class. Compliments of YouTube.

How Did Hip Hop Begin?

The 1970s marked the beginning of hip hop as a culture and art style that is known as hip hop. It started on the streets in urban neighborhoods that were predominantly Jamaican-American, African-American, and Latino-American in some of the larger cities in the United States of America. Later, as it assumed popular culture it moved into the dance studio.