Hip Hop Dance Classes Near Me

Ages 5-7

Stay and watch your kids in class. We have large viewing windows and comfortable seating. 

Kid's Pre-Hip Hop Dance Classes 

hip hop dance students at American Dance Institute

Our kids' hip-hop dance classes begin after a proper floor warm-up.

Later, the class focuses on funk and hip-hop techniques and a lot of choreography to help the students assemble their dance moves and enhance their skill and expressive ability. 
And, of course, we play only clean music selections that are always family-friendly.

Pre Hip Hop Classes Dance Attire

Loose, comfortable workout clothes and clean sneakers (that are not worn outdoors). No long skirts

Class Schedules & Studio Locations

Summer Session Classes

Session Dates: July 1, 2024- August 29, 2024

  • Greenwood

  • Shoreline

  • Wedgwood

  • Magnolia

Winter/Spring Session Classes

Session Dates: February 12, 2024 - June 20, 2024

  • Greenwood

  • Shoreline

  • Wedgwood

  • Magnolia

What are Pre Hip Hop Dance Classes like at American Dance Institute?

A beginning-level pre-hip-hop dance lesson for kids at the American Dance Institute in Seattle and Shoreline, Washington.

What are the top-rated kids hip hop dance classes in Seattle and Shoreline?

Are there any kids hip hop dance classes available near me?

Yes, I love  that you can find kids hip hop dance classes in the local Seatle communities of Greenwood,Wedgwood, and Magnolia. You can also fin them in Shoreline North City neighborhood which services all or Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. You can use online search tools or apps to find the nearest American Dance Institute to you.

Are there any weekend or after-school kids’ Hip Hop dance classes available near me?

American Dance Institute, offer weekend as well as after-school Hip Hop dance classes. However, it is recommended to check this official website or contact them directly for exact schedules.

What age groups are targeted for these kids hip hop dance classes?

Kids hip hop dance classes usually target children from ages 5 to 16 years old. However, this may vary depending on the institution offering the classes. The classes listed on this page are for ages 5-7 and they are considered pre-hip hop classes., perfect for the ages.

How is the pedagogy of these kids hip hop dance classes structured?

The pedagogy often involves teaching basic hip hop moves, choreography, rhythm coordination, and encouraging self-expression. Classes usually progress from beginner level to more advanced levels as the child grows and develops their skills.

What is the approximate cost of these kids hip-hop dance classes in Seattle?

Costs typically range from $20-$25 per class if you take advantage of our discounted packages for multiple classes,days of the week, or Drop In (Intermediate advanced levels only).

Are there any prerequisites or skills required before enrolling my child into a hip-hop dance class?

No, most beginners classes do not require any previous dance experience. They are designed to introduce your child to fundamental movements and rhythms of hip-hop dancing. However, for levels 1B, 2, and above might require prior experience.

What are the benefits of my child attending a hip-hop dance class?

I think that American Dance Institute Hip-hop dance classes offer several benefits such as improving physical health through exercise, enhancing creativity and self-expression, boosting confidence and social skills through performance opportunities, and providing a fun educational experience learning about music and culture.

How often do these classes usually take place and how long does each session last?

Most kids hip hop dance classes occur once or twice a week with each session lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour. However, this may differ based on the specific program or level of instruction.

Are beginners welcome in these classes?

Absolutely! I built this school and this kids hip hop dance programs to cater to all skill levels - from beginners who have never danced before to those with more advanced experience. The instructors will tailor their teaching approach to meet each students needs.

Meet Your  Pre Hip Hop Dance Instructors

Ainsleigh Orwin Instructor The American Dance Institute

Ainsleigh Orwin

Office Manager,

Ballet, hip-hop, mommy & me & creative Dance

Ainsleigh Orwin began dancing at the age of 5 at Village Dance Arts in Claremont, CA where she was trained in RAD curriculum ballet, as well as modern, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. In 2017, Ainsleigh moved to Seattle to continue her education at the University of Washington. She currently holds a B.A. in Dance and B.S. in Biology (Physiology) from UW.

Ainsleigh has been teaching since she was 17, starting at her home studio and branching out to teach summer camps and outreach classes in elementary schools. Her passion for teaching and dance led her to American Dance Institute after graduating from UW in 2021.

Jay Tan, dance teacher, American Dance Institute

Jay Tan


Jay Tan’s love for dance and movement began at 15 years old, in Singapore, when he participated in a cultural festival that incorporated various art forms to promote peace. From there, he dabbled in both modern contemporary and hip hop for two years, before fully immersing himself in hip hop and its culture.

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Jay found his first dance family with Singapore’s Soka Youth Dance Crew and has competed and performed internationally.

He became Artistic Director of NTU MJ Hip Hop and eventually produced and directed a 2-hour dance musical production involving 120 dancers in the company.

Jay’s other accomplishments include providing artistic direction for the opening ceremony of the first inaugural Youth Olympic Games, Artistic Director of Hip Hop Connxion Indiana, and founder/director of the ‘Jaywalkerz’ an Indiana based kids hip hop dance company.

He also had the opportunity under Boogiezone, to learn and perform alongside Napoleon and Tabitha (Nappytabs), Emmy Award-winning choreographers who are best known for their choreography on the television show So You Think You Can Dance.

Jay has mentored close to 150 dancers, using movement to instill positive values and life lessons. His classes focus on foundational techniques as well as choreography that fuses elements from different dance forms.

Jay believes that dance is more than just movement. It is an expression of the soul that needs to be seen and heard and a powerful tool that can instill positive change in our society.

When Jay is not dancing, he is either reading to expand his perspectives or exploring the beautiful outdoors in Washington and getting inspiration from his surroundings for his next creative endeavors."

Jazrelle Kellough


We are excited to announce Jazrelle Kellough, who took some time off to focus on school, is returning to teach at the American Dance Institute. Jazrelle will be teaching Hip-Hop on Mondays at our Shoreline studio starting October 30th. Welcome back Jaz! So good to have you back.

Sydney Skinner

Ballet, Hip-HoP & modern

Sydney Skinner is so excited to come on staff at The American Dance Institute, and we are delighted to have her! Sydney joins our team teaching Hip-Hop and subbing for other various styles.

Sydney grew up on the east side of the state where she trained and studied in multiple styles of dance ranging from ballet to hip hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and many more!  

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Sydney is a recent graduate from Gonzaga University, where she majored in Dance (with a Pedagogy concentration), as well as Public Relations. During her time at the University, she was a member of the Bomb Squad (the hip hop dance team) as well as the Repertory Dance Company!  

Welcome aboard Sydney!


Six spacious dance studios in four locations including Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and Shoreline.

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Miscellaneous Info

If you're looking for kid's hip-hop dance classes in the Seattle, Washington area, you're in luck, especially if you reside in neighborhoods like Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, or even Shoreline, Washington. These classes not only offer a chance for children to express themselves creatively but also promote their physical fitness and self-esteem. Taught by experienced instructors in local theaters and dance studios, these classes cover various aspects of hip-hop dance, from choreography to improvisational theatre.

In the vibrant city of Seattle, where the visual arts scene thrives, children can explore their creativity through the combination of music and dance, inspired by the vibrant culture of New York City and the jazz-funk style. With the confidence gained from these classes, kids develop the skill and emotion needed to perform confidently on stage. They might even have the opportunity to participate in music video projects and share their dance moves on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, connecting with fellow dancers from across the city.

Parents and guardians can rest assured that the dress code for these classes is comfortable, allowing kids to wear sneakers, leggings, T-shirts, and sweatpants. These hip-hop dance classes are open to children of all ages, from toddlers to middle school and beyond, fostering friendships and social relations that extend beyond the dance floor.

Whether your child dreams of becoming the next breakdancing sensation or simply wants to have fun and stay active, the opportunities for growth and learning in these Seattle-based hip-hop dance classes are as abundant as the frequency of their laughter and enthusiasm. So, join the movement and let your child experience the magic of dance right here in Seattle.

At the American Dance Institute in Seattle and Shoreline, Washington, we offer hip-hop dance classes that spark the imagination of kids. Our neighbors include the fascinating Woodland Park Zoo, Yummy Red Mill Burgers, and Taco del Mar. Our young dancers who attend hip hop dance classes live in the neighborhoods around our Seattle and Shoreline schools, like Loyal Heights, Ballard, and Green Lake, Hawthorne Hills, and Greenwood. Our students discover the beat of hip hop dance and they dance like joyful carousel riders.