Creative Dance

 For Ages 3.5-5

Our dance studios are close and convenient for busy parents in Greenwood, Wedgwood, Shoreline, & Magnolia.

About Our Creative Dance Classes

Continuous learning

Does your child love to move when you play music? Play music, and they will dance around the room.

The best creative children's dance activities and lessons engage your child's imagination. Expanding their movement vocabulary in our creative classes is so beneficial. We make learning fun, which is why this is the perfect preschool activity for your child.

Our creative dance and movement classes work on things like developing body awareness, loco-motor skills, strength, and flexibility. 

We introduce your child to movement concepts such as levels and directions in space, pathways, and qualities of movement. Your child will see, feel, and experience moving fast, slow, sharp, smooth, strong, light, etc.

For example, they will take one movement that feels very familiar to their body and, with the instructor's guidance, make it into a dozen different movement variations.

They’ll try it high, low, backwards, upside down, with a partner, etc. It’s all wrapped in fun creative themes, and it opens up unlimited possibilities to move, express, and relate to the world around them.

Dress Code For Creative Dance

Girls wear black cotton tank leotard, pink footless tights, and bare feet. 
No skirts/tutus please! Except for special skirt days. 

Boys wear black shorts or sweats, white t-shirt, and bare feet.

These items can be picked up at Centerstage Dance Shop, 5261 University Way NE
or ordered online at Discount Dance Supply and use school code TP120018.

Summer Session Classes

Session Dates: July 1, 2024- August 29, 2024

  • Greenwood

  • Shoreline

  • Wedgwood

  • Magnolia

Spring Session Classes

Session Dates: March 25, 2024- June 20, 2024

  • Greenwood

  • Shoreline

  • Wedgwood

  • Magnolia

Winter/Spring Session Classes

Session Dates: February 12, 2024–June 20, 2024

  • Greenwood

  • Shoreline

  • Wedgwood

  • Magnolia

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a young child's creative dance lesson last, and how often should they attend?

  • Our classes are 45 minutes long, and your child should attend once per week.

What clothes are required for a creative dance class, and does my child require any specific dance shoes?

  • Girls wear black cotton tank leotard, pink footless tights, and bare feet. No skirts or tutus, please! Except for special skirt days. 
    Boys wear black shorts or sweats, a white t-shirt, and bare feet. No shoes are allowed.

What skills will my child learn from creative dance courses, and how will they benefit from them?

  • Our creative dance classes work on things like developing body awareness, loco-motor skills, strength, and flexibility. We introduce your child to movement concepts such as levels and directions in space, pathways, and qualities of movement. Your child will see, feel, and experience moving fast, slow, sharp, smooth, strong, light, etc.

Is it a drop-off program, or are parents permitted to remain and supervise their child during the class?

  • At American Dance Institute, parents have the option of staying and observing class in our viewing rooms, which have comfortable seating and large viewing windows.

Meet your Creative Dance Teachers

Dakota Crist is an assistant Director at The American Dance Institute and teaches ballet and more.teaches

Dakota Crist

Assistant Director & office manager


Dakota Crist had her earlier, training in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Modern Dance at Diane’s Dance Works in Helena, Montana, then went on to study at Creative Arts Center in Helena, Ballet Montana Academy and Sacramento Ballet. Dakota relocated to Seattle in 2013 and holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts.

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As a young dancer, she attended Joffrey South, American Academy of Ballet, and Ballet West's summer intensives. Her love of dance drove her train pre-professionally with Ballet Montana and as a company trainee with Sacramento Ballet.  

After graduating from Cornish, Dakota shifted her focus to dance education. She has been teaching dance since 2009 and has taught for ADI since 2018. 

Ainsleigh Orwin Instructor The American Dance Institute

Ainsleigh Orwin

Office Manager,

Ballet, hip-hop, mommy & me & creative Dance

Ainsleigh Orwin began dancing at the age of 5 at Village Dance Arts in Claremont, CA where she was trained in RAD curriculum ballet, as well as modern, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. In 2017, Ainsleigh moved to Seattle to continue her education at the University of Washington. She currently holds a B.A. in Dance and B.S. in Biology (Physiology) from UW.

Ainsleigh has been teaching since she was 17, starting at her home studio and branching out to teach summer camps and outreach classes in elementary schools. Her passion for teaching and dance led her to American Dance Institute after graduating from UW in 2021.

Angie Ababurko

Mommy & Me, Creative Dance, Pre-Ballet, and Adult Ballet.

Angie began her dance adventure in Port Angeles, WA studying Ballet, Gymnastics and Cheer at the age of 5 and through her youth. She continued to dance through high school being a part of the Rider Angels Dance Team which focused on Jazz and Modern dance styles. Moving to the Seattle area she furthered her dance studies and eventually became a part of a Contemporary Performing Company. 

Dance has healed her life in many ways and her passion is to teach people to learn how to use dance to create happiness in their everyday lives. Her goal is to make everybody feel welcomed and free in classes to express and truly find themselves.  In her free time aside from dancing she considers herself somewhat of a movie nerd and enjoys spending time with family and friends, and of course her 3 cats. When weather and time allows it she loves being on the Peninsula in the woods or near the ocean in California.

Sharon Foweler 

Mommy & Me, Creative Dance, and Pre-Ballet

Sharon started dancing when she was five years old at a studio in her hometown of Omaha, NE, where she studied ballet, jazz, and tap. During college at the University of Kansas, she also began studying modern dance and performed with the University Dance Company and other local dance groups. 

She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in dance, and after graduation, she worked as a newspaper reporter for several years. She eventually attended law school and then moved in 1993 to Seattle, where she practiced law for more than 20 years. 

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Throughout her adult life, Sharon continued taking classes in modern, jazz, ballet, and - every now and then, just for fun - tap, Irish, African, shuffle, hip-hop, swing, salsa, or whatever other dance style might be available. 

Sharon recently retired from her law practice and decided to participate in the American Dance Institute’s dance teacher training program. Sharon has started teaching Mommy & Me, Creative Dance, and Pre-Ballet classes for us and is thrilled to share her love of dance and movement with young children. Sharon is married and has two adult children. She and her husband, Jim, love to travel, hike, and cross-country ski.


Ebba Lucander


"Enroll your children in the American Dance Institute and relax. "

"It was here, at the American Dance Institute, that we, as parents, realized that we could relax and enjoy watching the growth of my daughter's dance skills. She was never made to feel that she wasn't good enough. She was always excited to come, every time. I think it is partially due to the culture here which is welcoming, comfortable and has an inviting atmosphere for children of all ages, genders, for adults and parents, everybody. It is like a neighborhood community school."

Ebba Lucander-  Entrepreneur, Activist, ADI Parent for 5 years

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Additional Information

At the American Dance Institute in Seattle, Washington, we believe in nurturing young creative minds through dance education that transcends the ordinary. Parents witness the magic of transformative learning as their toddlers embark on a journey filled with laughter, emotion, and self-discovery within our vibrant studio. Through our incorporation of elements of  Brain Dance methodology, children build self-esteem, explore the world of visual arts, and develop music appreciation skills while dancing to the rhythm of their favorite songs. We encourage critical thinking and understanding of the Earth and sky through storytelling and creative dance . Our thorough lesson plans, which combine creativity with the accuracy of choreography and rhythm, help each child become a storyteller and develop them into budding dancers. Our organization thrives on the principles of improvisation and encourages children to reach for the stars, much like the beloved characters in the 2013 film "Frozen." In Seattle, we foster a love for dance that goes beyond technique, instilling a deep sense of knowledge and creativity in every child.

At the American Dance Institute in Seattle and Shoreline, Washington, we offer creative dance classes that spark the imagination of kids. Our neighbors include enchanting Woodland Park Zoo, Red Mill Burgers, and Taco del Mar. Our young dancers attend creative dance live in all of the neighborhoods around our Seattle and Shoreline schools, like Loyal Heights, Ballard, and Green Lake. They dance like joyful carousel riders. In neighborhoods like Hawthorne Hills and Greenwood, our students discover the beat of hip hop dance and the grace of ballet.