Teen/Adult Tap Classes

American Dance Institute's Intermediate Tap Class Performing for the Greenwood's Art Walk Event.

In addition to the classes on this page, American Dance Institute also offers kid's tap dance classes for ages 8-10, and children's tap dance classes for ages 5-7.

Teen Tap Lessons Schedule

2017 Fall Class Schedule

Greenwood Classes

Junior Intermediate Tap

(ages 9-14)

Friday 4:45-5:45PM, Alyssa Brillinger, Studio #1

Teen/Adult Tap I

(ages 15+)

Friday 5:45-6:45PM, Alyssa Brillinger, Studio #1

Teen/Adult Intermediate Tap

(ages 15+)

Friday 6:45-7:45PM, Alyssa Brillinger, Studio #1

Magnolia Classes

Teen/Adult Tap I

(ages 15+)

Friday 6:00-7:00PM, Abby Zimmerman

Teen/Adult Tap II

(ages 15+)

Wednesday 7:15-8:15PM, Alyssa Brillinger

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Meet Your teacher

"As with all great schools, the quality of the dance teacher makes all the difference."

Elizabeth Chayer

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Alyssa Brillinger teaches tap dance classes for American Dance Institute

Alyssa Brillinger

"This was a wonderful experience for our whole family. Our daughter gained so much confidence and excitement for creative movement through this experience. Thanks, Miss Alyssa!"                  Emily H.

2015 Art Walk Tap Tap Performances at American Dance Institute