Hip Hop Dance Classes for Juniors/Teens

Class Schedules & Studio Locations

Summer Session Classes

Session Dates: July 1, 2024- August 29, 2024

  • Greenwood

  • Shoreline

  • Wedgwood

  • Magnolia

Winter/Spring Session Classes

Session Dates: February 12, 2024 - June 20, 2024

  • Greenwood

  • Shoreline

  • Wedgwood

  • Magnolia

Junior & Teenage Hip Hop Dance Classes

American Dance Institute's 34th Annual Dance Recital
Continuous learning

Learn the latest moves in our Teen Hip Hop classes.

Our dance instructors will break it down so its easy to master hip hop steps. 

Class starts with a thorough warm up to build core strength and body control, a break down of the latest funk and hip-hop moves, followed by choreography to develop your expressive abilities.

We teach at your pace. We give you personal attention so you'll progress faster.

Learning to dance is not hard in our hip hop classes. You are going to love your class and look so good!

Hip-Hop Class levels

Hip-Hop I: Starts at the very beginning. It is designed for students who have never had ballet before or have studied ballet so long ago that they want a complete refresher course.

Hip-Hop I.5 : For student who have had 4 -6 months of recent 

Hip-Hop II : For student who have had at least one year of recent lessons

American Dance Institute's 34th Annual Dance Recital

Hip-Hop Dance Attire

Any comfortable dance clothes, no shoes worn outside allowed on studio floors. 

Meet Your Junior/Teen Hip Hop Teachers

Madison Au, Dance Teacher, American Danceinstitute

Madison (Madi) Au

Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, and Hip-Hop

Madison (Madi) Au, is a recent graduate from Cal Poly with a Dance Minor. Madi has been dancing for over 20 years!

She has lived in California her whole life, and is new to the Seattle area. 

She is also a Marketing Coordinator for Launch Pop, and enjoys many other art forms such as crochet, painting, drawing, and singing.

She look forward to getting to know everyone and spreading my love for dance!

Jazrelle Kellough


We are excited to announce Jazrelle Kellough, who took some time off to focus on school, is returning to teach at the American Dance Institute. Jazrelle will be teaching Hip-Hop on Mondays at our Shoreline studio starting October 30th. Welcome back Jaz! So good to have you back.

What Are Jr./Teen Hip-Hop Dance Classes like at American Dance Institute?

A Hip Hop dance performance from the American Dance Institute's 2017 ArtWalk performance in Seattle's Greenwood Dance Studio.

A Hip Hop dance performance from the American Dance Institute's 33 Annual Spring Recital 2022 Performed by Seattle's Magnolia Jr & Teen Hip Hop Dance Class 2022

Six spacious dance studios in four locations including Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and Shoreline.

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