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Driving Directions From Victory Heights To Our Six Dance Studios

Map of the Victory Heights neighborhood Seattle

The Victory Heights neighborhood, Seattle

Victory Heights Park

Victory Heights Park

Dance Classes Victory Heights

The proximity of Seattle's Victory Heights neighborhood to the American Dance Institute Wedgwood

The proximity of Seattle's Victory Heights neighborhood to the American Dance Institute Wedgwood

The American Dance Institute has six beautiful, spacious studios nearby including a new one next door to Victory Heights in Wedgwood, two in Greenwood, two beautiful studios in Shoreline (just up and off I5) and one new studio in Magnolia

And we offer the a very wide selection of dance classes, the most in greater Seattle. We offer ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, modern, flamenco, Irish, K-pop, creative toddler dances, and more. We have the perfect classes for adults, teens, children, and toddlers.

Our school welcomes everyone but we don't allow snootiness :0

We hope that you find the perfect class, the ideal time, and at the most convenient location for your busy lifestyle.

About Victory Heights, Seattle

Victory Heights in Seattle is a vibrant community known for its active Heights Community Council and the much-loved Truck Fridays, where food trucks bring a variety of culinary delights to the neighborhood. This area, often bustling with the energy of its residents, is characterized by its close-knit Heights Neighborhood feel, where the local park serves as a central gathering place for events and leisure.

Significant in this community is the influence of Martin Luther King Jr., reflected in the diversity and unity of its residents. Homes in Victory Heights, ranging from cozy family residences to more spacious properties, offer a welcoming atmosphere. Nearby Lake City adds to the charm of the area, known for its efficient services like regular garbage collection and vibrant street life with items for sale, embodying the spirit of the annual Victory Heights Council meeting.

Victory Heights is distinguished by its avenues lined with lush greenery, leading to serene spots near the lake. The food scene here, especially noted for its food trucks, offers a range of flavors, catering to all tastes. The Northgate area, part of the larger city context, provides additional amenities and shopping experiences, enhancing the livability of Victory Heights.

Real estate in Victory Heights is a mix of traditional charm and modern convenience, overseen by an active community council that ensures the neighborhood remains a desirable place to live. And of course, no description of Victory Heights would be complete without mentioning the simple pleasure of enjoying ice cream from a local vendor, a perfect treat for sunny days in this picturesque Seattle neighborhood.

Six spacious dance studios in four locations including Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and Shoreline.

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Driving Routes From Around Victory Heights To American Dance Institute Wedgwood 

American Dance Institute Wedgwood, 7500 25th Ave NE Seattle 98115 Phone: 206-783-0755, 

Driving Routes From Victory Heights To American Dance Institute Greenwood

American Dance Institute Greenwood, 8001 Greenwood Ave North, Seattle 98103, Phone: 206-783-0755

Directions From Victory Heights To American Dance Institute Shoreline 

American Dance Institute Shoreline, 1240 NE 175th Street, Suite C, Shoreline WA 98155, Phone: 206-402-6561,

Driving Directions From Victory Heights To American Dance Institute Magnolia

American Dance Institute Magnolia, 2410 32nd Ave West Seattle 98199, Phone:206-783-0755
Victory Heights, Seattle - Wikipedia

Victory Heights, Seattle - Wikipedia

Victory Heights, Seattle, WA _ Facebook

Victory Heights, Seattle, WA _ Facebook

dance classes near me victory heights

dance classes victory heights

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Victory Heights in Seattle?

Victory Heights is a residential neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, known for its quiet streets, an abundance of green spaces, and picturesque homes.

Can hip-hop culture be found in Victory Heights, Seattle?

While Victory Heights is more of a traditional residential neighborhood, its within reach of hip hop culture by proximity to other areas of Seattle where trendy music venues, and dance schools such as the American Dance Institute can be found.


How does Flamenco relate to Victory Heights in Seattle?

Its possible that various cultural events such as Flamenco performances are organized within the community venues or local establishments in Victory Heights such as the American Dance Institute Wedgwood.

What is the connection between Magnolia and Victory Heights in Seattle?

Both Magnolia and Victory Heights are neighborhoods in Seattle that have American Dance Institute dance studio locations. They each have unique characteristics but both offer residential spaces with close access to downtown Seattle. Other neighborhoods with American Dance Institute dance studios are Greenwood and Shoreline WA.

Additional Information

In the vibrant neighborhood of Victory Heights in Seattle, WA, the community's passion for tennis and art is palpable, with tennis courts often bustling with activity. Nearby spas offer relaxation and rejuvenation, drawing in visitors from surrounding areas like Queen Anne and Ballard. The local grocery stores, operated by brands such as Redfin, cater to the diverse needs of residents, from those living in elegant single-family detached homes to modern apartments. The neighborhood boasts excellent educational opportunities, as evidenced by ratings on GreatSchools, and numerous playgrounds and real estate options, reflecting a strong commitment to family-friendly living and volunteering opportunities.

The area is also known for its rich environmental education programs, which enhance the community's understanding of local ecosystems, such as the serene Green Lake and Lake City areas. Opportunities for investment in real estate are abundant, with local estate agents providing insights into the thriving market. Residents enjoy the convenience of nearby shopping malls, adorned with marble finishes, and the tranquility of Meadowbrook's natural settings.

Public transportation, like buses and the light rail, connects Victory Heights to other parts of Seattle, including West Seattle and the Northgate Station shopping mall. Educational institutions, from preschools to the University of Washington, offer a range of learning experiences and opportunities for tuition payments. The area's rich cultural tapestry is further enriched by photography, sports, and a variety of dining options, courtesy of Seattle Parks and Recreation.

For those interested in outdoor activities, there are ample parks for picnics and ceremonies, while the nearby Pinehurst Resort and Bitter Lake offer beaches and opportunities for recreation like boating and hiking. The local real estate market, represented by agencies such as RE/MAX and Zillow, showcases a variety of properties, from townhouses and condominiums to charming bungalows and cottages in Magnolia and Bothell. These homes often feature well-appointed kitchens, spacious bedrooms with saunas, and garages for cars.

In Victory Heights, the sense of community is strong, evidenced by cooperative efforts in childcare, neighborhood renovation, and supporting those with disabilities. The neighborhood is not just a place to live; it's a space for life experiences, where every resident, from children to the elderly, can find something that caters to their interests, be it education, sports, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of Seattle.