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Dance Classes Near Me Wedgwood

Driving Directions From Wedgwood To Our Six Dance Studios

Famous Wedgwood landmark restaurant

Famous Wedgwood landmark restaurant

The famous Wedgwood Rock is just a few blocks away from American Dance Institute Wedgwood.

The famous Wedgwood Rock is just a few blocks away from American Dance Institute Wedgwood.

Top Pot an amazing Wedgwood success story.

Top Pot an amazing Wedgwood success story.

Dance Classes Wedgwood

The American Dance Institute has six beautiful, spacious studios nearby including a new one in Wedgwood, two in Greenwood, two beautiful studios in Shoreline (just up and off I5) and one new studio in Magnolia

And at various times we offer a very wide selection of dance classes, the most in greater Seattle.

We offer:

  • ballet
  • hip hop 
  • jazz
  • tap
  • modern 
  • contemporary
  • flamenco
  • Irish 
  • K-pop
  • shuffle
  • creative toddler dances 
  • Mommy and Daddy and Me Classes
  • and more. 

We have the perfect classes for adults, teens, children, and toddlers.

Our school welcomes everyone but we don't allow snootiness :0

We hope that you find the perfect class, the ideal time, and at the most convenient location for your busy lifestyle.

The proximity of Seattle's Wedgwood neighborhood to the American Dance Institute Wedgwood


Wedgwood is a tranquil, residential neighborhood in northeast Seattle, known for its leafy streets and a friendly, community-oriented atmosphere. It's characterized by a mix of charming single-family homes, many of which date back to the mid-20th century, and newer developments, providing a blend of historic and modern aesthetics. The area is known for its excellent schools, parks, and a small but vibrant business district that caters to the local community.

Lois Balch, Albert Balch's wife, who was a real estate developer, gave the neighborhood its name in the 1940s after taking inspiration from her Wedgwood china. He originally used the name for a housing development, and it eventually became the name of the entire neighborhood. This unique origin story adds a touch of elegance and history to the area.

In this serene and community-focused neighborhood, there is a notable landmark: the American Dance Institute (ADI). It's the only dance school in Wedgwood and is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and high-quality dance instruction. ADI offers a wide range of classes, catering to all ages and skill levels, and is particularly well-known for its children's programs. The school has become a central part of the community, bringing together residents through the art of dance and contributing to the neighborhood's reputation as a great place for families.

Six spacious dance studios in four locations including Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and Shoreline.

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Driving Routes From Around Wedgwood To American Dance Institute Wedgwood , Seattle

American Dance Institute Wedgwood, 7500 25th Ave NE Seattle 98115 Phone: 206-783-0755, 

Driving Routes From Wedgwood To American Dance Institute Greenwood, Seattle

American Dance Institute Greenwood, 8001 Greenwood Ave North, Seattle 98103, Phone: 206-783-0755

Directions From Wedgwood To American Dance Institute Shoreline 

American Dance Institute Shoreline, 1240 NE 175th Street, Suite C, Shoreline WA 98155, Phone: 206-402-6561,

Driving Directions From Wedgwood To American Dance Institute Magnolia, Seattle

American Dance Institute Magnolia, 2410 32nd Ave West Seattle 98199, Phone:206-783-0755

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wedgwood Rock?

Wedgwood Rock, also known as Big Rock, is a large glacial erratic located in the Wedgwood neighborhood of Seattle. It was left behind during the Vashon Glaciation period about 15,000 years ago.

Where is Wedgwood Rock situated?

Wedgwood Rock is situated in the residential area of the Wedgwood neighborhood in northeast Seattle.

What significance does Flamenco have in Seattle's culture?

Flamenco might not be specific to Seattle's culture, but there are venues and dance schools offering Flamenco classes and performances throughout Seattle, such as the American Dance Institute, contributing to its diverse cultural scene.

How did Wedgwood neighborhood get its name?

The name Wedgwood comes from an English bone china manufacturer. In 1945, Albert Balch and his wife Lois built and successfully sold homes in this area under the company name "Wedgwood," which Lois was particularly fond of, and hence it became popularly known as the Wedgwood neighborhood.

Additional Information

Wedgwood, nestled in the heart of northeast Seattle, is a picturesque and welcoming neighborhood celebrated for its leafy, peaceful streets and a strong sense of community. It's a place where the charm of mid-20th-century single-family homes meets the convenience of modern developments, creating a harmonious blend of the old and new. This delightful neighborhood is not just a residential area; it's a community knitted together by its friendly residents and local businesses. The origins of Wedgwood's name add a touch of historical elegance to the neighborhood. Named in the 1940s by Albert Balch, a real estate developer, the name was inspired by his wife's cherished Wedgwood china. This unique naming story reflects the neighborhood's blend of tradition and personal touch.

Education and recreation are central to Wedgwood, with top-notch schools and inviting parks being key features. The small but bustling business district serves as the neighborhood's heartbeat, offering everything from cozy cafes to essential services, all tailored to meet the needs of the residents.

A jewel in the crown of Wedgwood is the American Dance Institute (ADI), the neighborhood's sole dance school. Known for its inclusive and encouraging environment, ADI is a hub of artistic expression and community engagement. Offering a variety of dance classes for all ages and skill levels, the school is particularly acclaimed for its children's programs. It's a place where the joy of dance is shared, fostering connections and enriching the lives of those in Wedgwood.

In essence, Wedgwood is more than just a neighborhood in Seattle; it's a warm and inviting community rich in history, culture, and a sense of togetherness. It's a place where the past and present coexist beautifully, creating an ideal environment for families and individuals alike. It is bounded by Ravenna Seattle to the south, Maple leaf to the west, Meadowbrook to the north, and Mathew's Beach to the east.