Irish Dance for Ages 8-11

No Snootiness allowed  : )

Wayne Rutledge 2018

Irish dance classes from American Dance Institute perform on the Ballard High School stage in our 2018 annual school recital.

Kid's Irish Dancing Class

A fun, energetic introduction to the basic steps in Reels and Jigs.

This traditional Irish dance form will include both solo and ceili dances.

Children's Irish Dance Class Schedule

  • We willl continue live streaming many classes through the Fall session. Any in-studio classes will be limited to five students and will adhere to Washington Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines.

Fall 2020 Live-Streamed Class Schedule

Our State Of The Art Live Streaming Technology.

ADI's State of the art live streaming technology
Mihkai Wickline in an onine ballet class at home.

The Quality Online Class Room Experience - At Home.

  • All studio broadcasts are via hard wire ethernet connections to insure best broadcast quality.
  • Large TV screens that allow teachers to clearly see their students.
  • Teachers make student corrections very effectively.
  • Allows students to see and visit with each other mainting friendship bonds.
  • Excellent voice quality allows students to clearly hear teacher.
  • Excellent music transmission quality allows students to hear music in real time (without lags).

Dennis Landmesser

We asked Dennis Landmesser, how he liked his live streamed class today with instructor Dakota Crist.

The class today with Dakota was more than I could have hoped to expect.  I don't know what to rave about more, the quality of the production or the excellence to the class.  Dakota thought to ask at the start of class if there were any injuries which was especially  meaningful to me today because I have a sore knee.  Her instructions were clear and complete and made perfect sense.  The corrections were thoughtful and meaningful.  Dakota is golden and to be highly valued.

Since March, I've suffered through six months of ZOOM frustrations.  ADI has excelled in solving that misery.  I could have been watching a high definition BlueRay with Dolby sound.  

Thanks for asking,

Dennis Landmesser

Kid's Irish Dance Class Attire

Black shorts, white T-shirt, White Irish socks.
Black ghillies for girls, and black jazz shoes for boys.

If students have Ballet slippers, they may be worn instead of the ghillies. 
However if you need to purchase foot wear, it is recommended that you buy the ghillies.

Attire is available as Centerstage Dance Shop, or check our shoe swap box.

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Meet Your Irish Dance Teachers

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Janelle Jones

Janelle has been to the World Irish Step Competition an amazing 4 times. She qualified for and competed in years 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2004. In 2000, she finished 4th in the world, for solo competition and in 2004, she finished 3rd for Teams representing the Western Region States.

"Janelle is a wonderful instructor and caters to all of the experience levels in the class. She makes you feel at ease and that Irish dance is meant to be enjoyable. I had so much fun." Jennifer M.

Meet ADI's Seattle & Shoreline Ballet Teachers

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Amy has been dancing with American Dance Institute ever since progressing through our Creative Dance, Pre-Ballet, Children’s Ballet, Junior Ballet and Teen/Adult Ballet programs as a young child.

She participated in and taught dance classes while she attended the University of Portland, but she pursued her passion for language, majoring in English and German. She is now pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Kids Irish dance students ages 8-14 perform at the May 2018 Artwalk Festival at American Dance Institute along with adults, teens and the wee ones. Watch and enjoy!

Wayne Rutledge Photography

 Our Irish dance class students performed for the residents of the Sagebrook Senior Home in Ballard as part of Seattle's Saint Paddy's Day Festivities. Students from each of our non-competitive Irish dance classes for kids, volunteer to perform at several local events each year. 

Whereas most Irish dance schools require participation in expensive competitions, we do not. Our quality Irish dance program is non-competitive.

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Grace Orme, 12, left, and Ava Barnhart 11, perform with Irish dancers from the American Dance Institute in Greenwood for a St. Patrick's Day performance for seniors at the Norse Home Retirement Community in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle Wednesday March 16, 2016. The American Dance Institute has been performing Irish dance for North Seattle seniors for St. Patrick's Day for over 20 years. It is a non-competitive program that welcomes dancers of all abilities and ages.

I am definitely a fan!

My daughter has taken pre-Irish, and now Irish dance, and a creative dance class for a birthday party where we rented a studio at ADI for a couple of hours. In all cases, I was impressed with the instructors... and they are great with the kids. The office is very helpful and responsive as well. The prices are reasonable.

From my experience with the classes we've taken, they focus on teaching the dance and not doing showy performances with fancy costumes (where your child is on stage for 3 minutes).  My daughter is enjoying dance and learning a lot. I'm definitely a fan.

Nancy M.ADI Parent

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