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Kid's Irish Dance Classes - About This Photograph: Our Kid's Irish dancing class students performed for the residents of the Sagebrook Senior Home in Ballard as part of Seattle's Saint Paddy's Day Festivities. Students from each of our non-competitive Irish dance classes for kids, volunteer to perform at one or more local events each year. Whereas most dance schools require participation a big, lavish annual recital, we do not. Besides being needlessly expensive and stressful for parents and kids, a three-minute stage performance cannot possibly showcase all the students have learned. Our confidence building and community serving dance performances are free, fun and just as exciting for parents!

American Dance Institute also offers Irish dancing lessons for adults, teen Irish dancing,  and  children's Irish dance classes for ages 5-7.

Kid's Irish Dancing Class

A fun, energetic introduction to the basic steps in Reels and Jigs.

This traditional Irish dance form will include both solo and ceili dances.

Kids Irish Dance Class Schedule

Winter/Spring 2018 

Offered only at our Greenwood location. 

Winter/Spring sessions run February 5 - June 17, 2018.

Irish Dance Lessons Greenwood

Kid's Pre-Irish

ages 4-5

Mondays, 5:00-5:45, PM with Kids Irish teacher, Jessica Lagreid, Phinney Center Room #2

Kid's Beginning Irish I

ages 8-10

Mondays, 5:50-6:50 PM with kids Irish teacher, Jessica Lagreid, Phinney Center Room #2

Kid's Intermediate Irish 

ages 8-10

Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 PM  with kids Irish teacher, Janelle Jones, Studio #2

Junior/Teen Advanced Irish ages 10-14

Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00 PM, with kids Irish teacher, Janelle Jones, Studio #2

You're Just two feet away.

Irish Dance Lessons

We are not offering kid's Irish dance classes in MAgnolia  at this time. If you'd like this class, please call and tell us. Call 206-402-6561 or email us at [email protected]

Irish Dance Lessons

We are not offering kid's Irish dance classes in Shoreline at this time. If you'd like this class, please call and tell us. Call 206-402-6561 or email us at [email protected]

Kid's Irish Dance Class Notes

Attire: Black shorts, white T-shirt, White Irish socks and Black Ghillies for girls,

Attire available at Centerstage Capezio, 5261 University NE. (527-4697) or your local department store.

Black Jazz shoes for boys. Available at Galway Traders, 7518 15th NW 206-784-9343      Website 

Ghillies available at Centerstage Capezio or check our shoe swap box.

If students have Ballet slippers, they may be worn instead of the Ghillies.

However if you need to purchase foot wear, it is recommended that you buy the Ghillies.

Kid's Irish Dance Classes: What To Look For

  • Look for non-competitive Kid's Irish dancing classes where everyone is friendly and your child will always have fun and feel welcome.
  • Look for a kid's Irish dance class where the teacher understands that the pace of the class has to be good for your child.
  • Look for a Irish dance studio with specially designed 'sprung' wood floors that 'give' to protect their feet and ankles. Avoid studios with regular wood floors and heaven to bid, run away from dance studios with concrete floors.
  • Look for accommodating dance school policies like a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like your class for any reason. Look for clean, bright sunlit studios.
  • Most importantly look for a school that has expert dance teachers who know how to give your child personalized attention so they will progress faster.

We wrote a quick read guide: 10 Top Questions to Ask A Dance School-Before You Give Them Your Money. It's FREE here.

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"Very young children shouldn't compete against each other. Comparing themselves to others who have more or less natural ability can skew a budding self image. Children with healthy self images try harder, are more persistent and are generally happier. We help children discover their own best-self image first." 

 Elizabeth Coyle Chayer 

 Founder/Director American Dance Institute 

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Meet Your Irish Dance Teachers

Irish dancing, kids irish dance, Irish dance for kids

Janelle Jones

Janelle has been to the World Irish Step Competition an amazing 4 times. She qualified for and competed in years 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2004. In 2000, she finished 4th in the world, for solo competition and in 2004, she finished 3rd for Teams representing the Western Region States.

"Janelle is a wonderful instructor and caters to all of the experience levels in the class. She makes you feel at ease and that Irish dance is meant to be enjoyable. I had so much fun." Jennifer M.

Jessica Legreid,  kids irish dance, Irish dance for kids

Jessica Lagreid

Jessica was just accepted into the prestigious Riverdance Summer Training Program July 18-23, in Dublin, Ireland. 

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Grace Orme, 12, left, and Ava Barnhart 11, perform with Irish dancers from the American Dance Institute in Greenwood for a St. Patrick's Day performance for seniors at the Norse Home Retirement Community in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle Wednesday March 16, 2016. The American Dance Institute has been performing Irish dance for North Seattle seniors for St. Patrick's Day for over 20 years. It is a non-competitive program that welcomes dancers of all abilities and ages.

I am definitely a fan!

My daughter has taken pre-Irish, and now Irish dance, and a creative dance class for a birthday party where we rented a studio at ADI for a couple of hours. In all cases, I was impressed with the instructors... and they are great with the kids. The office is very helpful and responsive as well. The prices are reasonable.

From my experience with the classes we've taken, they focus on teaching the dance and not doing showy performances with fancy costumes (where your child is on stage for 3 minutes).  My daughter is enjoying dance and learning a lot. I'm definitely a fan.

Nancy M.ADI Parent
Parent/Student Class Ratings
  • Fun & Invogorating
  • Great Teachers
  • Non-Competitiveness
  • Personalized attention
  • Friendly & Non-Intimidating
  • Consistently Excellent Instruction
  • Family Freindly
  • Value