Pre-Irish Dance Classes for Kids

Ages 5-8

Class Schedules

Winter/Spring Session Classes

Session Dates: February 12, 2024 - June 20, 2024

About Our Pre Irish Dance Classes

Continuous learning

A fun, energetic introduction to basic steps in Reels and Jigs

This traditional Irish dance form will include both solo and ceili dances.

Dress Code

Black Shorts or Skort, white T-shirt, white Irish socks.

 Black ballet slippers or ghillies for girls, and black jazz shoes for boys. 

Attire available at Centerstage Dance Shop, or check our shoe swap box

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Meet Your Teachers

Becky Leary
Becky Leary

Non-Competitive Irish Dancing Instructor
Becky, a former child student of The American Dance Institute,  has recently returned as a teacher and is thrilled to be passing along her love of Irish Step in the very same studio where it blossomed. 


Becky started her Irish dancing career with the American Dance Institute as a young child in the late 90's after watching the highly acclaimed Riverdance performance over and over and over again on VHS.

Her fondness for Irish Step only grew from there and she remained an ADI student through high school.

In her down time Becky enjoys crocheting, playing board games, watching her husband barbeque, and reluctantly rooting on the Mariners. She works for a local non-profit that provides camps and programs for families impacted by childhood cancer.

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