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Driving Directions From Lawton Wood To Our Six Dance Studios

dance classes near me lawtonwood, seattle

The Castle at Lawton Wood, Seattle

dance classes near me lawtonwood, seattle

 Lawton Wood entry, Seattle

dance classes near me lawtonwood, seattle

Lawton Wood, Seattle then.

Dance Classes Near Me Lawton Wood

The proximity of the American Dance Institute dance studios in the Lawton Wood neighborhood of Seattle

These are Magnolia dance students on our logo!

The American Dance Institute has six beautiful, spacious studios near Lawton Wood including in the Magnolia Village (Southeast Magnolia) where we have been teaching dance for over seven years. It is between the US Bank and Magnolia Hardware store, and across the street from Magnolia Nursery on 32nd Ave West. 

We also have a new studio in Wedgwood (2 yrs), two in Greenwood, where we've been for 35 years, and two beautiful studios in Shoreline (5 years).

We have the perfect classes for adults, teens, children, and toddlers.

And we offer the a very wide selection of dance classes, the most in greater Seattle. You can take ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, modern, contemporary, flamenco, Irish, K-pop, and social dance classes. 

We also offer highly regarded children's creative dance classes, and toddler dance classes.

Our school welcomes everyone but we don't allow snootiness :0

We hope that the students of Lawton Wood find the perfect dance class at the ideal time, and at the most convenient location for your busy lifestyles.

Special thanks to longtime Magnolia resident Terry Yoshikawa for helping us to secure our American Dance Institute Magnolia home.

Six spacious dance studios in four locations including Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and Shoreline.

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Driving Directions From Lawton Wood To American Dance Institute Magnolia

American Dance Institute Magnolia, 2410 32nd Ave West Seattle 98199, Phone:206-783-0755

Driving Routes From Lawton Wood To American Dance Institute Greenwood

American Dance Institute Greenwood, 8001 Greenwood Ave North, Seattle 98103, Phone: 206-783-0755

Driving Routes From Lawton Wood To American Dance Institute Wedgwood 

American Dance Institute Wedgwood, 7500 25th Ave NE Seattle 98115 Phone: 206-783-0755, 

Directions From Lawton Wood To American Dance Institute Shoreline 

American Dance Institute Shoreline, 1240 NE 175th Street, Suite C, Shoreline WA 98155, Phone: 206-402-6561,
Lawton Wood - Seattle, Washington

Lawton Wood - Seattle, Washington

dance classes near me lawton Wood

dance classes lawton Wood