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Our Shoreline Location

Our Shoreline dance classes are at 1240 NE 175th St. Suite C, Shoreline, 98155. 

Our parking lot is in between Europa Car Repair and Peking House Restaurant, around the  corner from the Safeway Store on 15th Ave. NE. There are yellow post signs on each side of the   entrance to the parking lot. It is shaped building and ADI’s Suite entrance is at the corner   of the L, straight in front of you when you drive into the parking lot. The Dance Studios, waiting areas, Office and Music School are all on the second floor.

Our Dance Office:

The dance office is located in Suite which is on the right side of the building.   Look for the signs for direction. Suite will also   house Shoreline Music School which should open sometime in April or May. The Dance Studios, waiting areas, Office and Music School are all on the second   floor. There is temporary sign on the building for   both American Dance Institute and Shoreline Music   School.   There is ample parking in the lot.  

Dress Codes:

You can find the dress code required for you or your child’s class at the link below. 

No worries if you don’t have the dress code the first 

couple classes, just improvise. leotard and   tights, or leggings and snug t-shirt will work for most classes to get you started. 

Please avoid baggy overclothes it is important   we can see your spinal alignment. If you don’t have 

appropriate dance shoes yet, go with pair of socks.

Dancewear is available for purchase at Centerstage 

Capezio, located at 5261University Way NE,   Seattle 98115 or online at and use school codeTP120018

Swap Box:

We have swap box of outgrown ballet slippers, tap  and jazz shoes, dress code class leotards, and  tights. Wwould love your donations when attire is outgrown. There is no cost associated with the  swap, and you don’t have to put something in to take something out. If it fits, it’s up for grabs. We just ask that you donate it back when your child outgrows it. Reduce, reuse, and re-cycle, it's good for the planet and good for our   pockets.

Missed Classes:

We understand you are bound to miss class or two over the semester. We ask that you please let                 us know of planned absence–otherwise you will receive an email inquiring if all is  okay because we care about you. You are  welcome to make up any missed classes in another age- or level-appropriate class within the session that it is missed. Missed classes cannot be carried over to the   next session. If you know you are going to miss class because of prior commitment, you can   make the class up ahead of time if you like. Please let the office know your intent to make up a   class so we can give the instructor heads-up on what to expect from you or your child. 

End of Year Performances: 

Wdo in-house recitals/presentations in June for our Creative Dance, pre-level, children and Junior/Teen classes in Shoreline.  The larger auditoriums were still in short   supply. Next year, the children’s and Junior//Teen   divisions will be in formal theatre. The   Creative and pre-dance division recitals will remaining in the studio. 


The Moscow Ballet has rebranded and is now called Nutcracker! to perform. We are the host school for the Nutcracker. We typically cast over 60 dancers, ages 6-18 who dance alongside the principal dancers in this wonderful holiday classic. Audition dates for 2024 TBA. If this is of interest to you, we strongly recommend   summer classes so you are in good form for auditions, should we hold them. 

Recital Images

American Dance Institute's 34th Annual Dance Recital
American Dance Institute's 34th Annual Dance Recital
American Dance Institute's 34th Annual Dance Recital
American Dance Institute's 34th Annual Dance Recital

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of dance classes are available in Shoreline, Washington?

The American Dance Institute offers a variety of dance classes in Shoreline, including tap dance, ballet, pointe technique, hip hop, flamenco, contemporary, and more.

Do you teach all ages in Shoreline?

Yes, we teach dance classes for both children and adults.

Can I purchase ballet shoes at the dance studios in Shoreline?

No. Dancewear is available for purchase at Centerstage Capezio, located at 5261 University Way NE, Seattle 98115 or online at and use school codeTP120018

Are beginner-level lessons offered in these Shoreline dance classes?


Do the dance schools in Shoreline provide any performance opportunities?

Wdo in-house recitals and presentations in June for our Creative Dance, pre-level, children, and junior/teen classes in Shoreline. The larger auditoriums were still in short supply. Next year, the children’s and junior/teen divisions will be in formal theatre. The creative and pre-dance division recitals will remain in the studio. 

Are there any shoreline dance schools that specialize in flamenco?

Yes, the American Dance Institute has a fun and robust flamenco dance program under the direction of Michaelene De Laserna.

What precautions do shoreline dance schools take to prevent injuries during flamenco dancing?

We typically prioritize student safety by providing professional supervision, enforcing proper technique, offering warm-up and cool-down sessions, ensuring appropriate flooring and footwear, and promoting personal awareness of one’s physical limitations.

In the event of an injury while learning flamenco at the American Dance Institute Shoreline, what kind of support can be expected?

We have first aid kits accessible and staff trained in basic first aid. Many also carry insurance for serious accidents. 

What sort of qualifications do instructors at the American Dance Institute Shoreline have to ensure safe teaching practices?

Our instructor, Mickey, has extensive experience in flamenco, both as dancers themselves and as teachers. She is well-versed in safe dancing practices and injury prevention. 

How does a typical class look at the American Dance Institute Shoreline?

A typical class usually begins with warm-up exercises followed by basic footwork techniques (zapateado) and armhand movements (braceofloreo). The instructor then combines these elements into choreography, which progresses over time. Classes often end with cooling down stretches to prevent injuries.

American Dance Institute

Additional Information

At the American Dance Institute in Shoreline, Washington, a vibrant tapestry of dance and music unfolds in its lively classrooms. Here, dance classes pulsate with the eclectic beats of hip hop music and the edgy tunes of alternative rock, creating a unique learning atmosphere. The institute emphasizes the pointe technique, a cornerstone of ballet, where dancers gracefully balance on the tips of their toes, their movements perfected at the barre. This creative class isn't just about dance; it's an immersion in a cultural experience that spans from the rhythmic energy of hip hop dance to the expressive narratives of musical theatre.

Music is the heartbeat of the institute, with a curriculum that includes articulation in music, enhancing the students' understanding of rhythm and expression. Choreography sessions are a whirlwind of creativity, where energy and love for dance translate into mesmerizing performances. The institute also takes pride in its commitment to injury prevention, teaching flexibility and discipline as key components of physical fitness.

Seattle's vibrant culture resonates through the classes, infusing the art with a distinctive Pacific Northwest flair. The institute's connection to the University of Washington and the broader community enriches its repertoire, offering students a diverse range of styles, from jazz dance to the modern movements seen in music videos and popular TV series like "So You Think You Can Dance."

The institute is not just about dance; it's a holistic approach to mental health and skill development, catering to a wide age range, from toddlers to adolescents. This nurturing environment extends beyond the dance floor, with a lobby room that doubles as a meeting point for caregivers and students, reinforcing the sense of community. The physical space is designed with the dancer's needs in mind, from air purifiers ensuring a healthy environment to sprung floors that reduce the risk of injury.

Costume and music video sessions add an extra layer of excitement, allowing students to experience the thrill of performance and the intricacies of visual storytelling. The institute's approach to tuition payments and FAQs provides clarity and support, ensuring that every family understands the investment in their child's artistic education. The joy of dance is celebrated in every aspect of the institute, from birthday parties to annual showcases, making it a beacon of culture and learning in the Seattle area.