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Flamenco Classes American Dance Institute

What is Flamenco?

Flamenco is a Spanish art form made up of three components:

1. Cante (song)

2. Baile (dance) and

3. Toque (guitar). 

Seattle Flamenco Classes

Why Flamenco? 

Discover yourself and recognize your own individuality through the powerful art form of Flamenco. 

Learn flamenco dance technique (floreo, braceo, taconeo, palmas and vueltas)  as well as the important musical components of flamenco such as compás (rhythm) and various palos (musical forms).

Class choreography focuses on a particular flamenco palo and compás as well as utilizes the flamenco technique learned in class.

Practice body-awareness and learn self-expression while exploring exciting traditional and fusion choreography in a supportive and positive environment. Students are also introduced to playing the castanets.

Flamenco Classes Seattle
  • Our flamenco classes are a great introduction to the art of flamenco. All the fundamentals are taught in the technique class including posture, technique, compás (rhythm),  footwork, and palmas (clapping). 
  • The Flamenco Repertoire class is a place for dancers to use the fundamentals of technique within traditional forms of flamenco choreography, and students should take both the Technique and Repertoire classes simultaneously.

Choosing Your Level

  • Flamenco I Technique & BaileWednesdays 6:00 - 7:00 pm Beginning and intermediate beginners. For students with nine months or less of flamenco dance experience. Accepting beginning level students. We will be studying the flamenco palo, Tangos for this session, as well as continue to improve our braceo and floreo skills, while gaining more confidence in our expression while dancing.
  • Flamenco II Technique & Baile: Wednesdays 7:00 - 9:00 pm Advanced beginning level: For students with at least one year or more of flamenco dance experience. We will be studying the flamenco palo, Alegrias, and working with the twelve-count rhythm for this session, as well as continue to improve our skills with floreo and braceo technique in various positions and build speed and accuracy in our castanet playing.
  • Flamenco III Technique & Baile: Mondays 6:00 - 8:00 pm  Intermediate level: For students with two years or more of flamenco dance experience.  We will be studying the flamenco palo,  Tientos for this session as well as improving our skills with using the upper body and core in flamenco expression. We will also continue to develop more accuracy and speed in taconeo combinations and mastering advanced level vueltas (turns.)
Flamenco Dance Classes American Dance Institute

Flamenco Dance Class Schedule

  • We will offer live-streamed and in-studio classes through the Summer sessions. Any in-studio classes will adhere to Washington Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines. Masks are optional for vaccinated individuals.

Summer 2021 Class Schedule

June 28 - August 29, 2021

Live-Streamed Class Schedule

In-Studio Class Schedule

Flamenco Classes Notes

Ladies: Wear leotard or shirt, full skirt, and flamenco shoes

Men: Wear dance pants, shirt, and flamenco shoes.

Attire is available at:

Center Stage Dance Shop & flamencoexport.com

Our State Of The Art Live Streaming Technology.

ADI's State of the art live streaming technology
Mihkai Wickline in an onine ballet class at home.

The Quality Online Class Room Experience - At Home

  • All studio broadcasts are via hard wire ethernet connections to insure best streaming quality.
  • Large TV screens allow teachers to clearly see their students.
  • Teachers give student corrections very effectively.
  • Excellent voice quality allows students to clearly hear teacher.
  • Excellent music transmission quality allows students to hear music in real time (without lags).
  • Students are able to see and chat with their classmates to maintain and grow friendships.

Dennis Landmesser

We asked Dennis Landmesser, how he liked his live streamed class today with instructor Dakota Crist.

The class today with Dakota was more than I could have hoped to expect.  I don't know what to rave about more, the quality of the production or the excellence to the class.  Dakota thought to ask at the start of class if there were any injuries which was especially  meaningful to me today because I have a sore knee.  Her instructions were clear and complete and made perfect sense.  The corrections were thoughtful and meaningful.  Dakota is golden and to be highly valued.

Since March, I've suffered through six months of ZOOM frustrations.  ADI has excelled in solving that misery.  I could have been watching a high definition BlueRay with Dolby sound.  

Thanks for asking,

Dennis Landmesser

Some of our Flamenco dance students performing at the May 2018 Phinneywood ArtWalk event in Seattle.

About Your Flamenco Instructor

Michaelene De La Serna studied flamenco dance intensively for many years with Flamenco Chicago Artistic Director Ms. Rosetta Magdalen. She has also studied with flamenco greats Carmela Greco and Marija Temo.

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