Our Flamenco dance class sudents performing in colorful dance costumes for local audiences  

Flamenco Dance Classes Are Fun!

You won’t find a more exciting dance style with a more stunning mix of power and grace than the centuries old Andalusian tradition known as "Flamenco."

Flamenco Dance Lessons Are Interesting!

You will move, exploring simple and complex rhythms, footwork, upper body techniques, isolations and the basic patterns, posture, and compás (rhythm), incorporated into both choreography and participatory “Fiesta Style” Flamenco.

Winter-Spring 2017

Flamenco Dance Class Schedule

Flamenco classes are only offered at our Greenwood dance studios.

Beginning Flamenco

Authentic Multigenerational Dance Classes

​This is multi-generational Flamenco dance class. While most of our students are adults, we welcome children ages 8 and above to take this class. In Spain, this is this is the traditional way this class is taught and it is wonderful!

Beginning Flamenco Technique

Monday 6:00-7:00PM,  Studio #2

Beginning Flamenco Repertoire

Monday 7:00- 8:00PM,  Studio #2

A great introduction to the art of flamenco. All the fundamentals are taught in the technique class including posture, technique, compás (rhythm), footwork and palmas (clapping). The Repertoire class is a place for beginners to use their fundamentals in choreography within traditional forms of flamenco. Most students take both classes simultaneously.

Intermediate/Advanced Flamenco Technique

Thursday 6:00-7:00PM,  Studio #2

Intermediate/Advanced Flamenco Repertoire

Thursday 7:00-8:00PM, Studio #2

Choreography and Improvisation are taught in the intermediate/advanced classes, as well as insights for working with guitar and voice. Various forms of traditional flamenco covered.

Flamenco Class Notes

Ladies wear leotard or shirt, full skirt and flamenco shoes;

Men: Wear dance pants, shirt and flamenco shoes.

Attire is available at:

Centerstage Capezio 5261 University NE. (527-4697), 

www.flamencoexport.com: Has dresses, skirts , shoes, etc. at very good prices.  

PetitCoat Junction: 14523 WA-99 #1, Lynnwood, WA 98087 for skirts also.  425-743-9513

About Your Flamenco Instructor

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Michaelene De La Serna studied flamenco dance intensively for many years with Flamenco Chicago Artistic Director Ms. Rosetta Magdalen. She has also studied with flamenco greats Carmela Greco and Marija Temo. In addition to teaching adults, Michaelene was the Director of the Flamenco Kids Program at Flamenco Chicago and worked as an Artist-in Residence/Flamenco Teacher for Ensemble Español Center for Spanish Dance and Music’s “Bailamos” Arts Education Residency Programs.

Our Flamenco dance class location


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