Wedgwood School Orientation Letter

Hello Summer Dancers,

Welcome to American Dance Institute’s livestreamed summer classes and camps. And thank you for your business. I am eternally grateful for your support as we weather these unprecedented times.

We have transitioned over to livestreaming, and after much trial and error with different equipment, we have finally cracked the code! Our Summer classes and camps will be delivered with state of the art equipment because we strive to bring you a quality dance experience – both in content and delivery of content. I promise the quality of your summer classes will be superb!

CLASS CHECK IN: You will receive a zoom link to your registered class or camp at least an hour before your class is scheduled to start. The link will be password protected and the password will be included in the email with the zoom link. If you have any issues with the link or the password, please email the office rather than phoning us. Our onsite support staff may be in the studio facilitating operations for our teaching staff and hence, may be away from the phone. But we have staff  working remotely that can assist you if you email them [email protected] for Greenwood and Magnolia classes or [email protected] for Shoreline and Wedgwood classes.


  • In their class planning, our teachers do take into account the fact that the student’s space will likely be limited. However, you do want to try and find an open area in your home where you have at least some room to move. This might require moving a piece of furniture or rolling up an area rug.

  • Ballet students, find something that can serve as your barre (the back of a chair, a counter, a desk, or even just a light touch on the wall can work too. If you have the space, you can also purchase small portable ballet barres at this link 

  • Tappers – If you don’t have a hard wood floor you can work on, consider buying a piece of plywood to dance on or you can also purchase small portable dance floors for use at home at this link

MISSED CLASSES: If you miss a class, you are welcome to do a make up class that is streamed from any of our 4 locations. The online classes give you access to many make up options.

DRESS CODES: We are not enforcing dress codes over the summer. Wear what is comfortable to move in but allows the instructor to see the student’s spinal alignment, ankles and feet. However, if you are going to buy dance attire, you can see here what our dress codes are for Fall. 

Attire can be purchased at Centerstage Capezio, located at 5261 University Ave NE Seattle 98105, or online at and please use school code TP120018.

Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail if it will fit.

SWAP BOX: We have a swap box of outgrown ballet slippers, tap and jazz shoes, dress code class leotards, and tights at our Greenwood and Shoreline locations. If you are in need of dance wear, feel free to stop by to see if there is something that fits. Call or email to be sure someone is on location. There is no cost associated with the swap, and you don’t have to put something in to take something out. If it fits, it’s up for grabs. We welcome your donations as well. Reduce, reuse, recycle - it’s good for the planet and good for our pockets.

Thanks again for patronage. Wishing you all a safe and healthy summer.

Warm Regards,

Elizabeth Chayer, Director

American Dance Institute