Stretch & Strength

Stretch and Strength

Stretch and Strength is a blend of physical exercises combined to create a challenging, but accessible practice for students of all experience levels.

Utilizing elements of Yoga, Pilates, Ballet and Modern Dance, Stretch and Strength will work the muscles to build heat and energy in the body, and will focus on stretches that open up the joints and ease tension from the stresses of daily life.

This practice has grown out of long time ADI dance instructor, Rebecca Barney's, time studying and teaching warm-up and technique for dance classes, but is offered here as a stand-alone workout.

Stretch and Strength is a wonderful way to bring a healthy, active focus to your body, and is the perfect add on for students who have a class scheduled afterward.

This class is open to anyone, regardless of movement background or experience. 

Summer 2021 Schedule

These classes are run as Hybrid. You can select whether you want to attend the class in-person or online.

Class Times:

Hybrid: Monday (with Margaret) and Wednesday (with Victoria) 6:15-7:15 pm in Greenwood Studio #1