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Fall Session

September 18, 2023 - February 11, 2024

Dress Code For Shuffle Dance Class

Dress comfy or cute, whichever you prefer, but know that we will be breaking a sweat. Anything from sweatpants, to spandex, to jeans is okay as long as you’re comfortable. 

Shoes: Any sneakers are fine, however street shoes or sneakers are not allowed on the dance floor.

You’re also welcome to shuffle in socks. Socks allow you to shuffle a lot easier because the lack of grip, it’s a good idea for beginners. 

A Sampling Of Pearla's Dance Videos

Meet Pearla, Your Shuffle Dance Class Teacher

“I was raised in a tiny town called Athens, in Maine. I moved to Utah for two years to study at SUU, then finished my bachelors degree in Maine at UMO. I studied psychology, and adored it, but soon after school discovered my new passion for dancing, and decided to pursue that. While it’s tough to find a career in dancing when you’re late in the game (I started dancing in my late twenties), I knew that I wanted to teach dance in some form.

Read more about me here

I’m also currently a fine dining server at Daniel’s Broiler, and have been there over four years. I’m grateful for this job because it allows me to be financially stable while only working 3-4 days a week, which means more free time to dance.

If I’m not working, I’m almost always practicing dance—either hip hop, shuffling, or sensual dance/heels. If I’m not dancing, I’m going for a walk, riding my scooter, or hanging out with friends. 

I also love to travel, or explore new neighborhoods. My most recent favorite place I’ve been has been Switzerland!”



Pearl White posing with ballet statue

Pearla White posing with ballet statue on Banbridge Isle.  

Pear White Kayaking

Pearla White Kayaking

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