Join Our Dance Classes Online!

Mihkai Wickline in an onine ballet class at home.

...loving ballet class at home

Wow, is this what I look like?  In my mind I am still 26. This photo tells a truer story... I'm 46 and loving ballet class at home (but not as much as at the studio).  

Mihkai Wickline (Ballet Student)

Why Online Dance Classes?

Online dance classes are perfect structured, fun, and 100% risk-free. 

We are currently providing some online or interactive dance classes to all of our adult and child students, with new class material each week. 

Student attendance has been very positive. Dance students appreciate the interaction with the teacher and their classmates.

How do I participate?

If you'd like to take a class with us, you will find live stream dance classes in our classes schedules. There is a class schedule on each class page i.e. Adult Ballet,  Kid's Hip Hop, just two examples. There are many more dance styles and age groups to choose from in our menu in the upper right hand corner of each page. Register for a class, and we will send you a link to attend. 

Note: Our class listing times are Pacific Time Zone-Adjust your start time accordingly.

How do I register online dance classes?

On most of our class schedule pages you will find FOUR different ways to take a class:

    1. Regular In-Studio Classes:  Studios located in Seattle's Wedgwood, Greenwood & Magnolia neighborhoods and in Shoreline's North City neighborhood. 

    2. In-Studio Classes-Live Streamed: Our regular in studio classes currently taught online.

    3. 'Ongoing' Live Streamed Classes: These classes are ongoing and may still have room in them.

    4. '30 Day Ballet': An fun, engaging beginning ballet class that you can take from home On Demand.

Can I take a Trial Dance Class First?

Yes! If you're not sure, and want to experience a class before you sign on, take a free online trial class. There's no obligation, no credit card required. The button to register for your Trial Class is in the same column on the class page where you find your class.

We believe that dance lessons shouldn't be an optional activity. Dance classes provide significant physical and mental health benefits, calm and normalcy during times of challenge, and disruption. Dancing is an excellent means of coping with disrupted lives, is very therapeutic and fun!

If you'd like to join our mailing list and learn more about our school and live-streamed classes, you can do so HERE.

Where We Are Located?

As per offering online dance classes, our main studios from where we operate are located at Seattle and Shoreline.

Students and Parents Weigh In On Our

Home-stream Dance Classes!

I just want to say thank you for offering these lessons. For a teen who otherwise spends hours a day doing homework and in video meetings, these are a great physical release. Ballet class is always a great stress reliever for my student, and it is especially need at this time. Again, thank you!

Molly Brown (Parent)

Thank you!

Susan Wold (Ballet Student)

Susan Wold taking an online dance class in her living room.
Carrie Snow's image
Sabine's dance class was great! We love these a virtual classes and thank you for the effort you have put in to keeping dance going. You have no idea how much these are helping right now. 

Thank you so much,

Carrie Snow (Parent)

Emily DenBleyker takes on-line dance classes with American Dance Institute

"Amazing, thank you! I'm looking forward to making my partner take the class with me. :) "

Emily DenBleyker (Student)

My daughter Rachel-Winslow is in the middle of the online class with Cassie.  Wow!   I can’t thank you enough for providing a little bit normal right now. Well done! 

And also, teacher Cassie knows how to make each child feel special - even over the internet.  She’s so talented and wonderful. 

-Amanda P. (Parent)

Thank you for doing this class! Natalie enjoyed it. 

I’m very impressed by how innovative the studio has been.

Thank you!

Alexandra (Parent)

Natalie in our live-streamed dance class
Rene Murry hip hop student

A big shout out Morgan Thompson for doing a great job leading our virtual adult hip hop class! It was fun and energizing to see everyone’s faces up on the Zoom screen

Thanks to ADI for making it happen and to Morgan for making it FUN!!

Rene Murry (Student)

This is a great idea and Taylor will definitely join! Appreciate you setting it up :)

We’d take advantage of this if it were offered more than 1X week—just to help the kids stay active.

Stay safe!

Ashley Arhart (Parent)

Thank you for making this available. Meera is in the class and is super excited about setting up her home studio.

Bruce Parker  (Parent)

Hi! This remote dance class with Cassie was awesome! Thank you so much for doing this and we’d definitely be happy to continue this weekly until the studio is back up and running.

Thanks and hope everyone at ADI is well,

Tulika (Parent)

Thank you! Turned out great and I can see why Molly thinks Morgan is a wonderful teacher. He was very patient with the technology and obviously he is an excellent dance teacher.

 Thanks again for making this happen.

Kate (Parent)