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Cast of Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker

Seattle area dancers will perform on stage with the internationally acclaimed Moscow Ballet November 7th and 8th at the Paramount Theater.


The Moscow Ballet returns to Seattle for two performances at the Paramount Theatre. Thursday, November 7th, and Friday, November 8th at 7:00 pm. 

Greater Seattle-area dance students were invited to audition for the production's ancillary roles, including little snowflakes, mice, party children, snow sprites, snow maidens, Spanish, Russian, French, and Chinese dancers.

Auditions were held on Tuesday, September 3rd at American Dance Institute's Shoreline studios

These local students were cast in the Moscow Ballet's 2019 Great Russian Nutcracker Performance.

Lynnwood, Greenwood, Greenlake & Ravenna

From left to right; Kaida Murdock-American Dance Institute, Adelle Armstrong-American Dance Institute, Brooklyn Bugler-Emerald City Dance Complex, Jada 'Lizzie' Ryman-American Dance Institute, Bennet Bugler-Emerald City Dance Complex

Marysville, WA

 Lilly lam. Marysville, Washington. Dance school MPAC Marysville, Performing Arts Studio.

Lilly Lam-Marysville Performing Arts Studio 

Ballard, Phinney Ridge, Greenwood & Mountlake Terrace

From left to right; Annabella Stover-American Dance Institute Greenwood, Ellis Kresser-American Dance Institute Greenwood, Audrey Kostecka-Mountlake Dance Academy, Esme Klinemeier-American Dance Institute Greenwood, Nayeli Galan-Ballard Academy of Music & Dance, Lucy Exnicios-American Dance Institute Greenwood, Lila Exnicios-Pacific Northwest Ballet, Clara Boylan-American Dance Institute Greenwood, Emery Vickers-American Dance Institute Greenwood.

Kirkland & Bellevue

 Top: Alexandra Sycheva-Karin Kirkland School of Dance.

Bottom: Anastasiya Ganzha-Karin Kirkland School of Dance.  

West Seattle

From left to right; Hadley Gillett-Emerald City Dance Complex, Iris Gillett-Emerald City Dance Complex, Alexandra Alcazar-American Dance Institute Greenwood.

Greenwood, Ballard, Phinney Ridge, Green Lake, Capitol Hill, Denny Blaine, and Magnolia

From left to right; Avery Saliba-American Dance Institute Greenwood, Liivika Mihkels-American Dance Institute Magnolia, Madelyn Saliba-American Dance Institute Greenwood, Juliette Hale-American Dance Institute Magnolia, Audrey Kelley-American Dance Institute Greenwood, Adele Armstrong-American Dance Institute Greenwood, Isla Weber-Exit Space, Carolina Lora Ramirez-Pacific Northwest Ballet, Hazel Donahue-Pacific Northwest Ballet, Mikaela Torres-Pacific Northwest Ballet, Marcus Wei-PNB, Manolya Kutlu-Ballard Academy of Music and Dance, Linnea Mihkels-American Dance Institute Magnolia, Alexa Petersen-Pacific Northwest Ballet, Mia Chang-American Dance Institute Magnolia, Katie Parish-American Dance Institute Greenwood, Lily Kully-All That Dance, Meredith Chen-Exit Space, and Katie Woodside-Pacific Northwest Ballet.  

Queen Anne

From left to right; Eleanor Cowley-American Dance Institute Magnolia and Marina Seigel-American Dance Institute Greenwood.

Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Edmonds, Lynnwood, North Seattle

From left to right; Cindy Xu-American Dance Institute Shoreline, Audrey Labrum-American Dance Institute Shoreline, Meadow Wasserman-Ballard Academy of Music & Dance,  Ella Zeallear-American Dance Institute Shoreline, Caroline Truxillo-American Dance Institute Shoreline, Enya Chen-American Dance Institute Shoreline, Kate Gaydos-Barclay Sheldon Dance Center, Lucia Truxillo-American Dance Institute Shoreline, Leighton Gaydos-Barclay Sheldon Dance Center,  Sofi Almacen-American Dance Institute Shoreline, and Eleanor Gaydos-Barclay Sheldon Dance Center.  

Kenmore & Bothell

Lara Mann of Rhythm & Soul Dance Studio


From left to right; Izzy Hemstreet, and Gracie Hemstreet-Dance Theater Northwest in Tacoma, Washington.


Anneliese Hallgren of Allegro Dance Studios in Everett 


From left to right;  Liivika Mihkels, Elara Emery, Grace Desilets, Juliette Hale, Luna Doherty, Linnea Mihkels, Mia Chang, and Katie Parrish. All attend American Dance Institute Magnolia.


Emma Luo of American Dance Institute Greenwood 


Skylar Ford of Glass House Dance Studio 

American Dance Institute is the Seattle host school for the Moscow Ballet's Dance With Us Program.