Kid’s Hip Hop Dance Classes, Ages 5-7, – Noncompetitive, Invigorating, Fun…and no snootiness allowed :)

Kid's Hip Hop Dance Classes: About This Photo

American Dance Institute's Moira Bugler is leading one of her popular kid's hip hop dance classes in Hip Hop Dance Studio #2.  Moira studied with Emmy award winning Tabitha and Napolean, and Luther Brown of the hit TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. You can see a short video clip of her teaching an adult class here.

Kid's Hip Hop Dance Classes Are All About Movement, Improvisation & Physical Conditioning

Kid's Hip Hop dance is now. It has entered the mainstream dance culture. Our kids, teen and now adult dance classes are swelling with eager students. If this is your child, we will teach them the best elements of this fun, stylish and forgive us, 'hip' dance style. 

FITNESS: Kid's Hip Hop dance classes are easy to dismiss as just a  fad dance, however, to learn and execute dance moves requires a very strong set of core muscles.  Your child will be receiving substantial physical training in every class. All the kids know, is that they are having fun. We start with a thorough warm up and begin to build your child's core strength and improve their body control. We introduce the latest funk and hip-hop moves, followed by lots of choreography to develop the expressive abilities of the dancers. We observe that after learning just a few 'moves', a child's confidence and enthusiasm rockets. 

FAMILY FRIENDLY: And of course, we play only clean music selections that are always family friendly.

Kid's Hip Hop Dance Classes

2017 Winter Spring Class Schedule 

Greenwood Kid's Hip Hop Dance Classes

Kid's Pre-Hip-Hop

(ages 5-7)

Friday, 5:00-5:45PM, Mary Castaniada, Studio #2

Saturday, 12:50-1:35PM, Abby Zimmerman, Studio #2

Magnolia Kid's Hip Hop Dance Classes

Kid's Pre-Hip-Hop

(ages 5-7)

Thursday, 3:50-4:35PM, Mary Castaniada

Kid's Hip Hop Dance Classes Attire

No need for expensive dance costumes or outfits at ADI. Children can wear comfortable or loose fitting dance clothes and dance sneakers or clean sneakers that are only worn inside.

Meet Your Dance Instructors

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Mary Castaniada

Abby Zimmerman teaches kid's hip hop dance classes, hip hop dancing classes for kids, hip hop dance classes for kids, kids hip hop classes, hip hop dancing for kids

Abby Zimmerman

How To Identify Great Kids Hip Hop Dancing Classes

  • Look for non-competitive hip hop dance classes where teachers and staff coach fellow classmates to be respectful and friendly and your child will always feel welcome.
  • Ask about the pace of the hip hop class and about the competency of the teacher to understand that the pace of the class has to be good for your child.
  • Absolutely insist on kids hip hop dance classes with 'sprung' wood floors that 'give' to protect their feet and ankles. Avoid studios with regular wood floors and heaven forbid, run away from dance studios with concrete floors.
  • Does this school have accommodating school policies like a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like your class for any reason?
  • Most importantly look for a school that has expert dance teachers who know how to keep a class moving, while giving your child personalized attention so they will progress faster.

We wrote a quick read guide: 10 Top Questions to Ask A Dance School-Before You Give Them Your Money. It's FREE here.

Safe From Ridicule

"In our school's non-competitive hip hop dance classes, students are safe from ridicule and snickering. In this environment, your child will try harder, learn faster and succeed."

Elizabeth Chayer Founder/Director 

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My daughter is 4 and attends the Friday evening class. Its ridiculously adorable and the teacher is so sweet and knowledgeable. It`s not only my little one`s favorite time of the week, but mine too.