Dance For Kids (Near Me)

Where does your child learn how to embrace excellence?

Children learn about excellence in our dance class for kids.

Children learn all about excellence when watching their peers strive for it. But excellence isn't just about perfecting technique; it's about experiencing mutual respect and acceptance from their peers when they might feel most vulnerable, attempting and eventually mastering a move or a lesson, and embracing the journey with enthusiasm and the camaraderie of fellow dance students.Our motto, "No Snootiness Allowed," reflects our commitment to making dance accessible to all by making it safe to take chances.

Introducing your child to excellence begins here, where we foster a joyful and inclusive learning environment. At the American Dance Institute, we pride ourselves on offering more than just excellent dance classes; we provide a space where children can flourish without the pressure of competition.

A Dance Class For Kids - Your Young Child Is Not Ready For Competition

Very young children should NOT compete against one another. In American Dance institute's kids dance classes, we emphasize non-competitive behavior. Competition has it's place in the world but young children are not ready for it.  They lack the proper framework to understand it's fierce nature. In our kids dancing classes, children are taught to compete with themselves, not with other students, and not with your child. Comparing themselves to other children who may have more or less natural ability is not an effective metric.

Dance, like all art forms, requires both technique and creativity. Our mission is to teach children proper dance technique (emphasis here) and to engage in and trust in their creative abilities.  We work hard to eliminate tension, selfishness and disrespect from our classroom so that personal creativity with confidence can blossom. 

When competitive behavior is absent from the classroom, supportive and encouraging behavior takes its place. And this, dear reader, is why your child always feels welcome and accepted in our dance classes, that they belong in the class, no matter their proficiency, gender or body type. It is a wonderful, healthy, and accepting environment to experience and learn in. 


Ebba Lucander


"Enroll your children in the American Dance Institute and relax. "

"It was here, at the American Dance Institute, that we, as parents, realized that we could relax and enjoy watching the growth of my daughter's dance skills. She was never made to feel that she wasn't good enough. She was always excited to come, every time. I think it is partially due to the culture here which is welcoming, comfortable and has an inviting atmosphere for children of all ages, genders, for adults and parents, everybody. It is like a neighborhood community school."

Ebba Lucander-  Entrepreneur, Activist, ADI Parent for 5 years

Dance Class For Kids: Creating Relationships With The World Around Them.

As they become familiar with movement concepts, they can understand points of reference and perspective. For example, they will take one movement that feels very familiar in their body and with our instructor’s guidance make it into a dozen different movement variations. They'll try it high, try it low, try it backwards, upside down, with a partner etc. It’s all wrapped in fun creative themes and it opens up unlimited possibilities to move, express and relate to the world around them. 

Early Dance Education: An Essential Foundation For A Lifetime Of Achievement!

Our dancing class for kids program  leverages a child's love of movement with a movement vocabulary and we build on that vocabulary to help them define the physical and social world around them. Dance is more than physicality, it involves intellect, creativity, and discipline.  Kid's love our dance classes because they are fun. We make learning dance fun because it works. 

The American Dance Institute Difference

  • Teach to the 'whole child' to dance, think, create and to work well with others.
  • Teaching young children to  'compete with themselves' ultimately makes them ideal future competitors, happier, people, and good citizens.
  • Teach every child to first discover 'their personal best' as a benchmark and not to compare themselves to others who may have more or less natural ability.
  • Help children to trust their creative abilities.
  • Eliminate tension, selfishness and disrespect from the studio classroom so that personal creativity can blossom.
  • Teach every child to first discover 'their personal best' as a benchmark and not to compare themselves to others who may have more or less natural ability.

Children's Dance Classes

Find additional information on each class, including class schedules, dress codes, and studio locations by clicking the link associated with the classes below.

Toddler Dance Classes 

Ages 2.5 to 3.5

Toddler dance classes at the American Dance Institute

Toddler dance classes at the American Dance Institute

Toddler Dance Classes

America Dance Institute offers FREE Mommy or Daddy & Me Parent-Toddler dance classes in our Greenwood studios.

Young Kids Classes Ages 3-7

Children's Creative Dance

Magnolia Winterfest Children's Creative Dance Class ages 3.5-5

Magnolia Winterfest Children's Creative Dance Class ages 3.5-5

Magnolia Winterfest Pre-Ballet Dance Class ages 5-7

Magnolia Winterfest Pre-Ballet Dance Class ages 5-7

Pre-Ballet Dance Classes 

Elizabeth Chayer, American Dance Institute Seattle, dance classes, dance studio, Hip Hop studio, Ballet classes


"Children have a limited early speaking vocabulary and a limited early movement vocabulary. We teach both using dance training as the vehicle."

Elizabeth Chayer Founder/Director, American Dance Institute

Hip Hop Dancing Class For Kids

ADI Instructor, Moira Bugler, leads a class of children in a Pre-Hip Hop dance class. Moira studied with Emmy award winning Choreographers Tabbitha & Napoleon and Luther Brown of the hit TV show: So You Think You Can Dance.

Hip Hop dance classes at the American Dance Institute

Hip Hop dance classes at the American Dance Institute

Phyllis Fletcher, mother of Gus, editor at the New York Times.

Editor at the New Your Times, m.other of Gus

"American Dance Institute is about movement, physicality, and progress, not tutus, costumes, and makeup."

Mickey's Flamenco students

Flamenco Classes For Kids American Dance Institute Shoreline 1240 NE 175th St C, Shoreline, WA 98155, 206-402-6561

Children's Flamenco Dance Classes

Ages 5-7

Learn the beautiful art of Flamenco dance, music, and culture. Through this fun and exciting Spanish art form, students will learn discipline, coordination, problem solving, musicality, and team work as they explore simple and complex rhythms, footwork, techniques, and isolations. The basic patterns, posture, and Compás (rhythm) are incorporated into choreography and class work.
Wee Irish Feet

The wee feet of our Irish dancing students.

Children's Irish Dancing Classes

Pre-Ballet / Tap Combo Dance Classes

Dance Classes and Neural Connectivity

 Stanford Professor Richard Powers writes in his paper; Use It or Lose It: Dancing Makes You Smarter, "Dancing integrates several brain functions at once-kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional-further increasing one's neural connectivity." Read more.

Older Kids Classes Ages 8-12

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American Dance Institute's Children's Ballet Students

We offer A Safe Dancing Class Experience For Kids

Our dance studios, located in Greenwood, Magnolia, and Shoreline, are ideally suited spaces for children to run, jump, and land safely on'sprung floors', protecting them from the injuries that occur on concrete, mat-covered, or even common wood floors. Our dance floors are also cleaned daily.

Tap Dancing Classes

A Children's Tap Dancing Class performance at a Greenwood-Phinney ArtWalk performance. Community performances such as ArtWalk provide a great opportunity to showcase what they've learned. It also builds community.

All ADI dance classes introduce verbal and movement vocabularies, new conceptual frameworks, perspectives and problem-solving skills, and we are the A in S.T.E.A.M. concepts. Your child will better relate to the world around them and their peers and their ability to learn everything will increase as well.

Teen Dance Classes

American Dance Teen Ballet Student Sophia

Former American Dance Teen Ballet Student Sophia

American Dance Institute's 34th Annual Dance Recital

Read about Dr. Peter Lovatt and John J. Ratty's work on the relationship between learning and movement.

Stanford Professor Richard Powers: Dance, Brain Function and Neural Connectivity

Sir Ken Robinson's Famous TED Talk on how we are failing to appreciate the importance of a child's curiosity and creativity.

Ontario Arts Council Video: Why I Dance

Read about scientific evidence that suggests that big dance movements create new brain synapse connections.


What dance classes for kids are offered at the American Dance Institute?

The children's dance program at the American Dance Institute offers a variety of dance classes for kids, including ballet, hip-hop, flamenco, tap, musical theater, and contemporary styles.

Where is the American Dance Institute located?

The American Dance Institute is located in Seattle and Shoreline. Washington.

Does the American Dance Institute school offer kids dance classes in Seattle, near the University of Washington?

Yes, American Dance Institute operates near the University of Washington, and they offer various dance classes for children.