Kid’s Ballet ⋆ Ages 8-10

Kid's Ballet classes in action at American Dance Institute.                       Wayne Rutledge Photography

In addition to the class offerings on this page, American Dance Institute offers a comprehensive selection of adult ballet classes, children's ballet lessons for ages 5-7, ballet & tap dance lessons for ages 5-7, kids ballet for ages 11-14, and ballet classes for teenagers.

Kid's Ballet Classes: About Ours

Learn everything you need to know about this class to make an informed choice. 

All of our kid's ballet classes include barre, center, stretching, adagio and allegro work. We focus on clean execution and both a physical and intellectual understanding of how and why each movement is executed. With our exclusive teaching methods, your child will progress further, faster and safer in half the time required by other schools. Whether you are experimenting to see where your child's interests lie are or have an aspiring dancer in the works, our ballet classes will satisfy you.

Most of our Ballet classes are offered as a twice a week class as it is strongly recommended as a minimum for the study of Ballet. It truly expedites the muscle memory allowing dancers to progress much more quickly. If you can only attend once a week, it is recommended you take one of the single weekend classes. However, if one weekday class is all that works for you, we would still love to have you. Just expect that there will be a difference in technical ability from some of the other students at the end of the session.

NEW Shoreline classes starting late January / early February 2018!

Winter/Spring 2018 Kid's Ballet Class Schedule
Greenwood and Magnolia Winter/Spring 2018 Sessions run February 5 - June 17, 2018. Shoreline session runs late January/ early February (once we open) to June 17, 2018

Greenwood Kid's Ballet Classes

Kid’s Ballet Ia in Greenwood for New Beginners Ages 8-10

Saturdays, 1:15-2:15  am with Kids Ballet Instructor, Abby Zimmerman, in Studio #1

Kid’s Ballet Ib In Greenwood for Returning Beginners Ages 8-10

Sundays, 9:55-10:55 AM, with Kids Ballet Instructor,  Abby Zimmerman, in Studio #1

Children’s Ballet II & III In Greenwood

Ages 9-12

2 classes per week recommended

Mondays, 4:45-6:00 PM, with Kids Ballet Instructor, Maia Nowack, in Studio #2

Saturdays, 12:15-1:30 PM, with Kids Ballet Instructor, Alyssa Brillinger, in Studio #2

Magnolia Kids Ballet Classes

Children’s Ballet Ia In Magnolia for New Beginners Ages 8-10

Tuesdays, 5:00-6:00 PM,  with Kids Ballet Instructor, Margaret Behm

Saturdays, 10:45-11:45 AM with Kids Ballet Instructor,  Maia Nowack

Children’s Ballet Ib in Magnolia

For Returning Beginners ages 8-10

Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00 PM, with Kids Ballet Instructor, Margaret Behm

Fridays, 5:00-6:00 PM, with Kids Ballet Instructor,  Abby Zimmerman

NEW!  Shoreline Children's Ballet classes start 

late January/early February 2018

All Shoreline Ballet classes are held in Studio #2

Children’s Beginning Ballet I in Shoreline for ages 8-10

Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:15-6:15 PM, with Children's Ballet Instructors, 

Dakota Crist & Maia Nowack

Saturdays, 2:15-3:15 PM,  with Children's Ballet Instructor

Dakota Crist

Children’s Ballet II & III in Shoreline

Ages 9-11 with at least 

1 year of prior training.


Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:45 - 6:00 PM,  with Children's Ballet Instructors, Emily Paul & Emily Curtiss


1240 NE 175th St. Shoreline, Washington, 98155

Kid's Ballet Class Attire

Ballet for Kids: Beginning Student's School Year Attire:

Girls Ballet: Wear short sleeve cotton leotard (Bloch style CL 5402) in Pastel Blue, pink tights and pink Ballet slippers. Hair must be pulled back in a bun if it will fit. If short, it should be pulled back off the face.

Boys Ballet: Wear black tights, white T-Shirt and black or white Ballet slippers.

Junior Ballet Attire: Girls wear cotton tank leotard (Bloch style # 5405) in black, pink tights and pink Ballet slippers. Hair must be pulled back in a bun if it will fit. If short, it should be pulled back off the face.

Boys wear black tights, white T-Shirt and black or white Ballet slippers.

SUMMER SESSION DRESS CODE: Children can wear any leotard they already own and purchase the appropriate when they register for classes in the fall. If it is hot, children can wear just their leotard, or wear their leotard with bike-shorts.

Attire: available at Center Stage Capezio 5261 University Way NE, Seattle WA 98115 (527-4697) or check our swap box.

Meet Your Ballet Teachers

"Just as in all the best schools, the quality of the dance teacher makes such a difference. That's why I only hire gifted instructors and mentor them to meet the highest dance teaching standards."

                                           Elizabeth Chayer

kid's ballet, kids ballet, children's ballet classes

Abby Zimmerman

kid's ballet, kids ballet, children's ballet classes

Dakota Crist

kid's ballet, kids ballet, children's ballet classes

Emily Curtis

kid's ballet, kids ballet, children's ballet classes

Emily Paul

Moscow Ballet, American Dance Institute

Seattle's Moscow Ballet auditions 2017, American Dance Institute

Seattle Refined, Komom TV, Seattle Moscow Ballet Auditions, American Dance Institute

KOMO Television's Seattle Refined videotaped portions of Seattle's Moscow Ballet Nutcracker auditions and they interviewed participants at American Dance Institute's Greenwood Studios. Their show aired Tuesday, September 19th at 3 pm on Channel 4.   You can watch the show now Behind The Scenes Of The Cutest Nutcracker Auditions.

nutcracker, seattle nutcracker, Moscow Ballet

American Dance Institute and other greater Seattle dance students performed with the famous Moscow Ballet at the Paramount Theater in November 2017.

Ballet Classes for Kids: Finding Excellent Classes

You're looking for kid's ballet classes For ages 8-10 but how do you find excellent classes?  What questions do you ask?  Here is some advice. 

  • Look for non-competitive kids ballet dance classes where everyone is friendly and your child will always feel welcome.
  • Find a kid's ballet class where the teacher understands that the pace of the class has to be good for your child.
  • Insist on dance studios with specially designed 'sprung' wood floors that 'give' to protect their feet and ankles. Avoid studios with regular wood floors and heaven forbid, run away from dance studios with concrete floors.
  • Seek out children's ballet dance schools with customer accommodating policies like a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like your class for any reason.
  • Try to find dance studios that are clean, bright and sunlit.
  • Most importantly look for a dance school that has highly trained, expert dance teachers who know how to give your child personalized attention so they will progress faster.
Elizabeth Chayer ADI Founder/Director
lizabeth Chayer, American Dance Istitute, dance classes shoreline, ballet classes seattle

Children & Competition

"Young children have yet to develop a healthy perspective with wich to frame ballet's competitiveness. Bad expereinces can damage a child's self image and dampen their enthusiasim for ballet. To protect fragile self-images, we encourage young students to first discover their 'own best self', not to compare themselves to others who may have more or less natural ability." 

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The teaching is upbeat, fun and encouraging! 

My 9 year old daughter took dance classes at American Dance Institute. She loved her class and teacher, Miss Kara. They learned technique, musicality, rhythm, as well as teamwork. I find the atmosphere supportive and non-competitive. The philosophy is to nurture a love of dance and movement. The teaching is upbeat, fun, and encouraging. I highly recommend ADI!

Susan F. 
Former ADI Parent
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Backstage, under the careful supervision of Instructor, Rebecca Greenfield, Office Manager,  Mary Castaniada, and Instructor, Kara Burrows, the Ballet I students await their cue to enter stage right for their first in-studio Art Walk performance. They'll be  dancing with the adult Ballet student performers.

kid's ballet classes, kids ballet, ballet for kids, children's ballet dance classes,

They've done well. Taking their final bow, the audience obviously appreciates their talent and how well they are progressing.

Here's what parents and children say about Seattle's American Dance Institute.

Student/Parent Class Ratings
  • Fun & Invogorating
  • Great Teachers
  • Non-Competitiveness
  • Personalized attention
  • Friendly & Non-Intimidating
  • Consistently Excellent Instruction
  • Family Freindly
  • Value