Dance Birthday Parties For Kids, Teen & Adults

Children having fun at an American Dance Institute Seattle Dance Birthday Party!

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids: Here's a unique birthday party idea they'll love you for!

You want to make their birthday a day to remember but new ideas are challenging, right? Well our dance-themed birthday parties for kids, teens and adults are just the ticket. We provide a birthday party location (one of our three dance studios) and a fantastic dance instructor who will engage your child and all of their friends.

Three Party Locations To Serve You

Greenwood Birthday Party Location

Magnolia Birthday Party Location

Shoreline Birthday Party Location

You're only two feet away...

The dance birthday package includes: A 45-minute to 1-hour dance class taught by one of our fabulous instructors, plus an extra hour in the studio for opening presents and devouring treats which you provide.

Dance Birthday Parties For Kids & Adults

  • Parent/Toddler
  • ​Pre-Ballet
  • ​Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Creative Dance
  •  Irish
  • Modern
  • We'll help you be creative with your party theme!
  • Parties cost $250 for up to 14 dancers. An additional fee of $10 per dancer will be charged for up to 18 dancers.
  • Call 206-783-0755 or contact us here to schedule a party.

"Our child never wanted it to end!"

Our friends and we held a joint 3-year-old birthday party at the American Dance Institute. ADI staff were friendly and wonderfully accessible leading up to and during the party, and we had a great experience from planning to party day. The space is delightful and the kids all loved the dance class and props that were a part of the package. In fact, our child burst out crying when it was over because he “never ever” wanted it to end!

​I couldn't recommend ADI more enthusiastically!

"Hosted my child's 5th birthday party at American Dance Institute and could not have been happier. All of the kids had a great time and the dance teacher, who led the party, really went out of her way to tailor the music and dancing to my child's specific tastes. There was lots of room for the kids to run around and space for parents to hang out and watch. The party was a real value when looking for a place to host 10-20 kids and I couldn't recommend ADI more enthusiastically."

John T's
Yelp Review

These Birthday Parties Aren’t Just For Kids....

We hosted a 50th Birthday Party/Family Reunion with an Irish Ceili that was a hoot for everyone in attendance and another group of partying adults took a Hip Hop class (see below).

This is a 50-second clip of Hip Hop instructor Moira Bugler leading a Hip Hop  dance themed party for a 40th birthday party. It is just the middle of the first lesson, and see how good they look?  You and your friends will enjoy this creative party theme.

  • Call 206-783-0755 or contact us here to schedule a dance-themed birthday party.