What is Any Day Ballet?

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Elizabeth Chayer, Any Day Ballet Teacher

Please listen while Elizabeth explains Any-Day-Ballet

  • This is our beginning ballet video course and it consists of 8 hours of ballet instruction over six videos. 
  • It was designed for new and returning students, ages 13-99.
  • You will learn the fundamental principles of traditional ballet technique from home!
  • You can complete this course in as little as 30 days, or you can stretch it out to fit your schedule.
  • These six, fun, and enjoyable 60-80 minute long classes, taken at your own pace, will give you confidence and a comprehensive understanding of the basics of ballet technique.
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  • Each lesson builds on the prior one and it is recommended you do each lesson at least 2 or 3 times so that you have mastered the material before going to to the next one.  The complete video course is yours to keep so you do not need to rush through it.
  • No special equipment is needed, just the back of a chair or a counter to serve as your Ballet barre.
  • This course is not recommended for kids younger than 11, as classes for younger students progress at a much slower pace than classes for adults or older teens. And younger children may not be able to process the verbal instruction as readily so they are  also more susceptible to picking up bad habits without a teacher's watchful eye on them. 

You'll get six 60-80 minute classes that are info packed and taught in a relaxed, fun manner. You also receive an Any Day Ballet Study Guide to facilitate learning. If you prefer DVDs, we offer the full course on DVDs for $125 which includes 6 DVD's, Ballet Terminology Study Guide, shipping & Handling.

My first class was unbelievably complete...

Patricia Keene, Any Day Ballet Student

Patricia Keene - Any Day Ballet Student

"My first class was unbelievably complete...could not imagine this much in a first class...but able to accomplish even though I am a senior...over 70.

The ballet vocabulary was well stated, which I appreciated since I had learned it many years ago."

I just did the first free class, and it was wonderful!

emine-Andy Day Ballet Student

Emine D. - Any Day Ballet Student

"I always wanted to be a ballerina but the little town we were living had no classes anywhere close by. I am 52 now and will do this. I won’t be a famous ballerina but at least I’ll learn the basics.

I just did the first free class, and it was wonderful. Elizabeth is a great teacher. Thank you so much for this."

Who Is Any Day Ballet For?

 This couse is for students who:

  • Have never studied ballet before. 
  • Have studied ballet so long ago that they want a complete refresher course.
  • Want to begin now but the dance school near you won't start a new class anytime soon.
  • Are feeling self conscience about their body, age, or physical condition, but really want to learn ballet.
  • Are already active in other styles of dance or fitness activities but who have never taken ballet and want to enhance their efforts with meaningful cross training. 
  • Prefer to take some initial classes from home alone or with friends.

NOTE: All classes are on video, so you can watch them anytime and as often as you wish.

"Any Day Ballet is a complete beginning ballet course with an emphasis on non competitiveness, proper technique and fun."  

"Lessons are presented slowly and methodically just as in an American Dance Institute studio classes."

 Elizabeth Chayer, American Dance Institute's Founder/Director.  

Teacher of Any Day Ballet

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Esther Payne-Johnson's Testimonial in Facebook

"I have just taken my 2nd video class tonight at home and I'm so happy to be a part of this school. Much love from Arlington Texas!"

Esther Payne-J. 

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Tina Travers, Dance Instructor

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for the free class!  I actually teach beginner adults and the class helped to refresh me.   Sometimes just finding a way to re-word something you say over & over can be a great help, so thank you.  I would certainly recommend it to any adults who are looking for an on-line class.  You are certainly a gifted teacher and I thought you did an excellent job with the entire video!  Bravo on a job well done!  May God bless you and give you favor in all you do!   Keep up the great work!


Abby Cruz Any Day Ballet

Abby Cruz

I'm excited for this!! Where I live, there are hardly any ballet classes for adults and it’s always been a dream of mine to dance ballet, even at 26. 

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Rated 4.5 by 1,677 users.

NOTE: All In-Studio dance classes have been suspended. These classes will be live streamed in compliance with current Washington State COVID-19 guidance. We hope to reopen In Studio classes on January 4th.