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Adult Dance Classes Seattle & Shoreline

Dance studios in Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia & Shoreline

Adult dance classes in Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, Shoreline

Teachers and Students That Accept Me In Dance Class As I Am?

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  • Casting Shade: Other dance schools say that everyone's welcome but have students who think that class time should focus on them. A non-competitive class culture is better. Here's why.
  • What does a non-competitive adult dance class culture mean here?
  • It means that everyone in dance class competes with themselves, not with other students, and not with you.
  • It also means that every student in class will enjoy some of the teacher's time for corrections and encouragement, not compete for it. 
  • And you're never made to feel judged or 2nd class by the teacher and other students in the room.
  • The absence of competitive behavior allows for a supportive and encouraging behavior from everyone in the studio.
  • This is why you will always feel welcome in our Seattle dance studios, in Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and in Shoreline, WA and that you belong in the class no matter your proficiency, body type or age.
  • Seattle dance classes in a wonderful, healthy - non-competitive - environment to learn and dance in.
  • It's how we dare to be different.
  • Dance is JOY, come and get some Yours.

Students interested in dance have the opportunity to attend one of Seattle's most prestigious yet friendly, welcoming schools thanks to the American Dance Institute, which boasts a total of six dance studios. Our motto is 'no snootiness allowed' and your fellow class mates are going to also be wonderful, non judgmental and happy to have you join them in class. 

It makes for an excellent learning environment.

Three studio locations of are located in Seattle, and Shoreline, WA has two studios one being exceptionally large. So, the great news is that in contrast to many other area dance schools, you won't have to travel very far to receive quality instruction or to find a wonderful dance instructor who captures your heart.

We are conveniently located in the middle of several vibrant communities in Seattle, and we are in the planning stages to developing additional dance studio locations. We are all committed to doing what we can to preserve the natural world. Imagine being able to lower your personal carbon footprint simply by choosing to attend a school in your community. That must be thrilling, right? This is what we believe, and it is what motivates us.

We offer a full schedule of beginning and intermediate dance classes for adults ages 19 to 99. and we are one of the few local schools to do this. We also teach teens ages 14 to 18, and children's dance classes that are appropriately grouped by age and include classes for children ages 8 to 10, children ages 5-7, and children ages 2.5 to 4 years old.

We guarantee that you will have a wonderful and welcoming experience no matter the age of the student. For more than three decades, it has been an integral part of our identity on this emerald isle.

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Where Are The American Dance Institute Dance Studios Near Me?

Six spacious dance studios in four locations including Greenwood, Wedgwood, Magnolia, and Shoreline.

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 Dance Classes Taught With An Emphasis on 
Proper Technique, Sensitivity & Respect.

And no snootiness allowed  : )

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Intermediate Adult Dance Classes
Seattle & Shoreline

  • We offer an exciting range of dance classes for advanced and intermediate dancer.
  • Advanced dancers are placed with other advanced dancers and beginners with beginners.
  • Dance teachers are skilled at class pacing appropriately for various experience levels in the room.
  • Find a class that matches your experience level and we can help you identify them in our schedule.

Seattle & Shoreline Dance Classes
For Adult Beginners

  • Beginners will receive a lot of personal attention and they will progress quickly as a result.
  • Beginners will learn in beginning classes that move at a slower pace.
  • You and your fellow classmates will all share in the dance class experience. It's an opportunity to make new friends or spend quality time with existing friends.
  • No need to feel intimidated. Students who have never had any dance training will be carefully and patiently guided from the ground up.
  • Find a class that matches your experience level and we can help you find that.

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Elizabeth Chayer

Founder, Director Since 1991

Life is hard, but you will find our dance studios to be an oasis of love, respect and fun. And you will experience Joy. Come take a free trial class and  see for yourself.

Adult Dance Classes Seattle & Shoreline

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Where are American Dance Institute's dance classes?

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"I started in a beginning contemporary dance class and after just two sessions I was feeling really confident."    Jessica N.

Ballet Classes Seattle & Shoreline

We offer excellent ballet classes.

ballet classes, ballet class, ballet School, ballet classes for adults, ballet class for beginners

Three American Dance Institute Seattle ballet dance students exercise at the barre in dance studio one.

Making corrections is what great dance teachers do in class. Here ADI Founder, Director Elizabeth Chayer corrects an adult beginning Ballet student in Ballet Studio #2.

Making corrections is what great dance teachers do in class. Here ADI Founder, Director Elizabeth Chayer corrects an adult beginning Ballet student in Ballet Studio #2.

Hip Hop For Adults

hip hop dancing classes, hip hop dance classes, adult hip hop classes, hip hop dance studios, adult hip hop

American Dance Institute adult hip hop dancing classes students learning new moves in our Greenwood studio #2

Hip Hop Dance Classes For Adults- Move, dance and get a workout in any of our invigorating dance classes! Seattle & Shoreline

Tap Dance Classes For Adults Seattle & Shoreline

Seattle Irish Dancing Classes

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