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Adult Ballet Classes Schedule

Winter-Spring Semester runs through June 19th, 2016

Beginning Ballet I

For those new to ballet & those returning after a long absence. 

Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00 pm (Rebecca Greenfield) Studio #1

Class Enrollment

Thursdays, 8:00-9:15 pm (Alyssa Brillinger) Studio #2

Class Enrollment

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Beginning Ballet II

For students who have had a year of recent training & Intermediate dancers who have been off a while. 

Wednesdays, 7:45-9:15 pm (Kara Burrows) Studio #1

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Mondays, 7:45-9:15 pm (Rebecca Greenfield) Studio #1

Class Enrollment

Sundays, 10:50-12:20 pm (Jenn Taranto) Studio #1

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Take any class for just $79.99 two classes for $152 or all three for $216 per month! Learn More.

Intermediate Ballet

For students who have had at least 2-3 years training or advanced dancers who have been off a while. 

Tuesdays, 6:15-7:45 pm (Kara Burrows) Studio #2

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Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 pm (Kara Burrows) Studio #1

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Saturdays, 11:20-12:50 pm (Kara Burrows) Studio #1

Class Enrollment

Take any class for just $79.99 two classes for $152 or all three for $216 per month! Learn More.

Beginning Pointe

For the intermediate ballet dancer. Instructor approval required.

Thursday, 8:00-9:00 pm (Kara Burrows) Studio #1

Class Enrollment

(Must take at least 2 technique classes weekly in addition to the pointe class and have instructor approval to go on pointe.)

Take this class for just $79.99 per month! Learn More.

Intermediate Pointe & Variations

For the experienced Pointe dancer.

Saturdays, 12:50-2:20 pm (Kara Burrows) Studio #1

Class Enrollment

Take this class for just $79.99 per month! Learn More.

Class Notes

Attire: Adult Beginning Ballet

Ladies: Black leotard (any style), pink tights, pink Ballet slippers. Hair pulled back in a bun or ponytail.
Gents: Black tights or dance pants, white T-shirt, black or white ballet slippers.

Adult Intermediate Ballet Attire: Any comfortable dance attire is acceptable.

Attire Available at Center Stage Capezio 5261 University Way NE, Seattle WA 98115 (527-4697)

Class Frequency

Adult Ballet: Your attendance frequency is what feels right to you. Whether one, two three or more classes a week, we can accommodate you.  If your objectives are to either return to the dance you knew and loved, or advanced training and/or personal fitness,  we recommend that you take two classes per week.  These two classes could be two ballet classes ideally, or one ballet and/or one contemporary, jazz or hip-hop class. Mixing dance styles will give you, excellent cross-training and you'll see results much faster. However, if time or budget restraints mean one class per week, then we will help you make the most of your class.  E

Pointe Class Note: Students must take at least 2 ballet technique classes per week to be eligible for the pointe class.

"The Quality of the Instructor Makes All The Difference." 

                                                         Elizabeth Chayer

Kara Burrows

In 2006 she graduated magna cum laude from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA where she performed in works by Sarah Slipper, Deb Wolf, Donald Byrd, Pat Hon, Jose Limon, Martha Graham and others.

"...class is always challenging, but she is very patient."

Rebecca Greenfield

Rebecca graduated Cornish School of the Arts and has worked closely under the mentorship of Danielle Brosco. She has danced with Brosco’s company Blacken Tan Dance for over ten years including performances at the “Seattle Fringe Festival” and “12 Minutes Max” for On the Boards.

"Rebecca is a creative, engaged, inspiring instructor." 

Jenn Taranto

Jenn was trained in the Vaganova method from former students of The Kirov Academy of St. Petersburg. She continues to pass down this style of ballet to her students, with its clean lines and a strong emphasis on port de bras.

"...her class was everything I hoped it would be."

Alyssa Billinger

"This was a wonderful experience for our whole family. Our daughter gained so much confidence and excitement for creative movement through this experience. Thanks, ADI and Miss Alyssa!? Emily H.

Amy Beck

Amy attended American Dance Institute as a small child studying under ADI Founder /Director, Elizabeth Chayer

"She has a quiet teaching style that is fun & enjoyable."

Average Instructor Rating

4.8 Stars
17 Instructors

Elizabeth Searches For 'Gifted Instructors' & Mentors Them To Meet The Highest Teaching Standards

American Dance Institute Adult Ballet Students in Studio #1

Great training without judgement or pretentiousness.

"When I moved to Seattle, ADI was immediately inviting, open, and welcoming in every way. The studios, directorship, and staff offer a home for great training without judgement or pretentiousness" 

Joshua Crouch 

Deena & Ariel in an Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk performance.

American Dance Institute Students  Sofia &  Deena performing for Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk.

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