Hip-Hop & Contemporary Dance Camp

Many of the basics for both Hip-Hop and Contemporary are the same: isolations, coordination, body control, strengthening, stretching and knowledge of correct execution of movement.

These elements will be emphasized as the groundwork from which we will build our style and funk for Hip-Hop while also learning popping, some 'essential' moves, and choreography.

For the Contemporary section of the camp, we will build from our new understanding of body control to learn the fundamentals of Contemporary dance, and some choreography. We will also incorporate an element of free-style. This will be a fun, non-intimidating experience as we work on individual style and flavor. It’s a high-energy camp with upbeat music to enhance expression and attitude!

Attire: Girls should wear comfortable dance attire (leotard and tights or leggings /dance shorts and t-shirt. Boys wear dance pants or shorts and T shirt. All students need clean sneakers not worn outside for hip-hop, and jazz shoes or ballet slippers for Contemporary. Feel free to check our swap box to see if there are any shoes or ballet slippers that fit.