Beginning Modern & Jazz Dance Camp

The Modern Dance portion will include a warm-up to build strength, stimulate core connections and body awareness, followed by phrase work focusing on directional and weight changes, rhythm and Laban Fundamentals (i.e. time, space, effort, etc.)

For the Jazz section of the camp, we will build from our new understanding of body control to learn the fundamentals of Jazz dance, and of course, choreography. We will also incorporate an element of free-style. This will be a fun, non-intimidating experience as we work on individual style and flavor. It’s a high-energy camp with upbeat music to enhance expression and attitude!

Each day will finish with some great, innovative choreography to keep students’ minds and body in tip-top shape. Students will become more self-confident in their ability to create and more comfortable collaborating and expressing ideas – key leadership skills. Students will experience an overall sense of fluidity, strength and confidence in their everyday movement.

They will expand their movement vocabulary, sweat, laugh and have fun! On the last day of camp, parents are invited for the last half hour for a presentation showing what the students have learned.

Attire for girls is leotard and tights or a snug top and leggings, ballet slippers for jazz shoes or ballet slippers for Jazz. Boys wear T-shirt and tights, dance pants or shorts. Ballet slippers for Ballet and Jazz shoes or ballet slippers for Jazz. Feel free to check our swap box to see if there are any ballet slippers or jazz shoes that fit.