Jazz & Tap Camp

This camp is a delightful blend of two of our most popular classes.

Students will be introduced to the basic positions and preparatory steps with a focus on musicality, phrasing, terminology as well as a more contemporary jazz style with basic jazz warm ups and work across the floor.

The tap portion of the camp will develop the introductory elements of a tap dance vocabulary, musicality, rhythm, timing and phrasing. All three of these genres work to build grace, poise, strength and flexibility.

The curriculum is engulfed in fun, creative movement explorations that are age appropriate for the 5 to 7-year-old.

Each day will also include creating a small craft. On the last day of camp, parents are invited for the last half hour for a presentation showing what the children have learned.

Attire for girls is a leotard, ballet slippers, tap shoes and bare legs, assuming the weather will be warm. If it is not or if students prefer, tights may be worn. Boys wear shorts or black tights, T-shirt, ballet slippers and tap shoes. Feel free to check our swap box to see if there are any shoes that fit.