Ranita Hollinshead

Ranita has been dancing for almost 10 years training primarily in hip hop. At the age of 12, Ranita started taking classes at Westlake Dance Center. She instantly knew that she found her passion in dance and later decided to join her high school dance team, Shorecrest Hip Hop at the age of 15. 

Aside from hip hop Ranita now trains in ballet, contemporary, jazzfunk, commercial dance and heels every so often. She is also apart of a brand new street dance company called Rythmetic Progressions put on by Massive Monkees where she trains in waaking, street hip hop, breaking and locking.

Ranita’s dance style switches off between hard hitting and grooves. She’ll usually warm the class up with a few grooves and then execute hard hitting choreography.

 In the future Ranita hopes to travel to new cities and train. She also hopes to start teaching advanced level hip hop, and go on tour with a few celebrities.