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Instructor Moira Bulger

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Dance instructor Moira Bugler leading a class of Pre-Hip hop students.

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  • Maddie just adores Moira and only wanted to come back because of her. She was structured but gentle and patient will all learning styles.
  • Eva jumped in mid-session and Moira was super welcoming, supportive, fun and warm.
  • Lily loved Moira. She was fun, knowledgeable and taught the kids interesting hip hop moves.
  • She has a great attitude with the kids and their different abilities. 
  • 6 additional students rated Moira Consistently Awesome 5 stars!

Moira's Bio

Moira Bugler has over 20 years of experience teaching, coaching and performing hip hop. Her passion for hip hop began in college as a member, coach and choreographer of the Elite Hip Hop performance team at Oregon State University.

Moira has trained under hip hop greats like Napoleon and Tabitha as well as Luther Brown from the hit TV show:  “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Though Moira’s primary focus is hip hop, she has experience in jazz, tap, ballet and modern and is an award-winning Scottish Highland Dancer, having competed in national and international competitions. It is her varied background that Moira feels contributes to her success as a hip hop choreographer and teacher.

When she’s not teaching, Moira can be found spending time with her husband and three young kids.

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Moira Bugler leading an adult hip hop class in Hip Hop Studio #2.

Kid's hip hop dance, Children's hip hop, Hip-hop Greenwood, Hip Hop Magnolia, Moira Bugler,

Moira's 8-12 year olds won a best in show trophy for Hip Hop Dancing Routines in the 2016 Greenwood Seafair Parade!