Dance is Joy! Come get some.

Instructor Kim Holloway

On 9 reviews

She is great with kids, creative, able to handle the chaos of the tots class, really helps kids understand their bodies
My daughter really liked Kim! She was fun but also in charge and I appreciate how hard it is to keep a bunch of giggly little girls on task. She does a great job of wrangling the kids in a thoughtful, productive way.
I'm sad to see she's not teaching in the fall! We'll miss her. She has been a fantastic teacher - fun and patient!
Miss Kim is AWESOME! She is fantastic with children - really made the class fun, but also seem worthwhile (they were learning about dance even at 3-5). She gets 5 STARS for teaching, but I'm only giving 4 Stars overall b/c they were so many substitute teachers over the summer. I suppose that wasn't her fault, but it was not ideal for the kids.
She has a very natural way with children and Ceci was drawn to her instantly.

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