Flamenco Dance & Spanish Culture Camp

A great introduction to the unique art form of Flamenco while building confidence, agility, coordination, strength, and concentration. Students will learn the fundamentals of Flamenco dance, exploring self-expression, confident body posture, coordination, footwork, upper body techniques, basic flamenco movements and patterns, and compás (rhythm), incorporated into both choreography and participatory “Fiesta Style” Flamenco.

Attire for girls is character or hard soled shoe, full skirt and snug top or leotard. Feel free to check our swap box to see if there are any flamenco shoes or skirts that fit. Girls should have hair neatly combed back out of their eyes and held in place with barrettes, with long hair in a neat pony tail. Boys should wear black slacks, comfortable shirt and Flamenco boots or a hard soled shoe.