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Why do great teachers, in some schools, completely ignore me?


Arrogance, laziness, snobbery take your pick. Unfortunately, many great teachers do this. They cop an attitude. It appears that they can't be bothered with anyone that isn't a professional or very advanced or a long-time student. If you want to take their class, you have to put up with it. Should you? If you never receive a correction from them, or encouragement how much benefit are you getting? Some for sure but, why settle?

At ADI, your instructors are carefully screened. You can be assured that they are gifted instructors. They'll focus on everyone in a class, not just the  advanced students.

The attention you receive from an excellent instructor will speed up your learning time considerably.

You will progress faster and safer in our classes. 

Making progress is a wonderful feeling.

Expect to feel very pleased!