Beginning Ballet Workshop

This workshop will include daily barre, center, stretching, adagio and allegro work, and will focus on both a physical and intellectual understanding of how and why each movement should be executed. Strength, flexibility, balance, poise and musicality will be developed along with an understanding of the principles of Ballet technique.

Students will become more self-confident in their ability to create and more comfortable collaborating and expressing ideas - key leadership skills.

Students will experience an overall sense of fluidity, strength, and confidence in their everyday movement.  They will expand their movement vocabulary, sweat, laugh and have fun!

 Ballet Attire for ladies is a leotard, ballet slippers,  and bare legs, assuming the weather will be warm. If it is not or if students prefer, tights may be worn. Men wear shorts or black tights, T-shirt, ballet slippers. Feel free to check our swap box to see if there are any shoes that fit.