About Our Adult Dance Program

Excellence in dance instruction without the pretense.

Students Cara, Lara, Lisa, Jessica & Philip all having fun in our adult dance classes. These smiles convey perfectly what our adult dance program mission is and what your dance class experience will be. Choose from ballet, hip hop, contemporary/modern, tap, jazz, flamenco, and Irish dance classes for adults.

We offer noncompetitive, invigorating and fun dance classes.

 Our school culture is very friendly, very accommodating and non-competitive. You'll always feel welcome and never feel that you're being judged. While everyone is a serious student at ADI, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Your day is full of challenges so we try to make our dance studios an oasis of love, respect and invigorating fun for all students. 

Choose From Ballet, Hip-Hop, Contemporary/Modern, Tap, Jazz, Flamenco, and Irish dance classes for adults.

For The Experienced Dancer 

  • We offer a range of classes for advanced, intermediate and beginning dancer.
  • Advanced dancers are placed with other advanced dancers and beginners with beginners.
  • Dance teachers are skilled at pacing appropriately for various experience levels in the room.
  • Find a class that matches your experience level and we can help you identify them in our schedule.

For The Beginning Dancer

  • Beginners will receive a lot of personal attention and they will progress quickly as a result.
  • Beginners will learn in beginning classes that move at a slower pace.
  • You and your fellow classmates will all share in the dance class experience. It's an opportunity to make new friends or spend quality time with existing friends.
  • No need to be intimidated. Students who have never had any dance training will be carefully and patiently guided from the ground up.
  • Find a class that matches your experience level and we can help you find that.
adult hip hop students learning dance moves and practicing choreography

Spacious, wide-open dance studios.

Move, workout and dance in any of our invigorating dance classes!

Elizabeth ChayerFounder, Director - American Dance Institute

"Life is hard, but you will find our dance studios to be an oasis of love, respect and fun."

Our dance studios are in Seattle's Greenwood and Magnolia neighborhoods.

Excellent ballet classes are near you!

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3-ballet students-warming-up-at-the-barre-in-american-dance-institutes-dance-studio-with-bright-sun-ligh

Adult intermediate Ballet students at the portable barre, in American Dance Institute's sunlit Ballet Studio #1.

american dance institutes elizabeth chayer helping a ballet dance student adjust her alignment

Giving everyone necessary corrections while maintaining a fun pace is what great dance teachers do in class. Here ADI Founder, Director Elizabeth Chayer corrects the alignment of a beginning Ballet student  in Studio #2.


American Dance Institute's adult contemporary dance students have performed in many of the Greenwood-Phinney or Phinneywood Art Walk events.


Tap dancing for the ArtWalk crowd.

Flamenco dance classes, flamenco seattle, flamenco dance classes for adults

Michaelene De La Serna leads a class of beginning Flamenco dance students at American Dance Institute Greenwood and Shoreline.

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