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Important Notes About Pricing

  • Students can pay by the session (10, 12 or 19 weeks depending on the season) or monthly. Students may withdraw with 30 days notice.
  • Monthly payment plans include a 5% finance charge, requires first and last month's tuition at time of registration, and must be set up on an auto withdrawal from a checking account, not a credit card.
  • $40 non refundable annual registration fee per family is due at sign up.
  • Adult's & Children's Class Pricing will be prorated after week 3. 
  • Credit cards are not charged upon registration, but only later, after proper class selection and space availability are confirmed via email.
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Elizabeth Chayer


The quality of the teacher...

"The quality of the teacher in a class room determines the quality of the student's studio experience.  American Dance Institute's teachers are the best. I know because I work very hard to find, mentor and retain them."    Elizabeth Chayer, Founder & Director

Winter/Spring Session 2023: In-Studio and Hybrid 

February 13, 2023 - June 22, 2023

19 Week Session Pricing

Monthly Installment Plan

Full Session

1 Class per week



2 Classes per week (discounted)



3 Classes per week (discounted)



4 + classes per week (discounted)



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Note:  Monthly Payment Plans require first and last month's installment at time of registration and 3 subsequent monthly payments due on the the 15th of each month.

Winter Session 2023: Live Streamed, In-Studio, and Hybrid 

January 2, 2023 - March 26, 2023

12 Week Session Pricing


Full Session

1 Class per week



2 Classes per week (discounted)



3 Classes per week (discounted)



Note:  Monthly Payment Plans require first and last month's installment at time of registration and 2 subsequent monthly payments due on the the 15th of each month.

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Mommy & Me Toddler Class Pricing

In-Person Classes

Parent Toddler


Full 12-Weeks

Regular Session



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Private Lessons

 In-Studio or Live Streamed


1 Hour

Half Hour

1 person



Additional people (price per extra person)



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Music Together

Shoreline Location Only

45 Minutes

Each Class


Full 12 Week Session


Annual Registration Fee



Birthday Parties

Fun dance themed parties around every 

dance style, movie, book.

Livestream or In-Person

Dance Themed Parties









Any Day Ballet

Learn beginning ballet from home.



 # of Payments

Payment Made

Cost Per Payment

Total Amount Paid

Any Day Ballet


Lifetime Ownership

1- Payment

Time of purchase



Any Day Ballet


Lifetime  Ownership

3-Easy Payments

Once per month



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 Class Cards

 Class Cards American Dance Institute

Below Pricing is for Adult Intermediate and Advanced Level Classes Only.

Class cards cannot be used in beginning level classes, children's classes or any Flamenco classes.




Single Class/Drop In:



5 Class Card:



10 Class Card:



15 Class Card:



20 Class Card:



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Class cards must be used within two months of purchase.

Class Cards are Non-Refundable. No Exceptions.

All students/families pay an annual $40 non-refundable registration fee .
Please call the office if you have any questions: Shoreline/Wedgwood: (206) 402-6561,  Greenwood/Magnolia 206-783-0755 or email us adiseattle@americandanceinstitute.com or adishoreline@americandanceinstitute.com here.

Payments, Refunds, and Missed Class Policies

Payment is due at the time of registration along with a $40.00 non-refundable registration fee. We cannot secure a place for you in class until payment (full or partial) has been received. Class size is limited. If we reserve a space for you in class, you are liable for the full tuition.

REFUNDS: Will be given if you are unhappy with our program in any way, however we require that you report your unhappiness to us and then give us an opportunity to fix the problem. Most problems can be addressed and fixed to the satisfaction of every student and or parent.

If a student has to withdraw due to any other reason, 30 days written notice of withdrawal must be submitted to our office via letter or email. You will be charged for all classes through the date of your withdrawal, which will be calculated based on when your 30 day notice is received. Registration fees are non-refundable.

MISSED CLASSES: Because we limit class size, we cannot credit you for missed classes. Make-up classes are encouraged and permitted within the same session.

MONTHLY PAYMENT PLANS include a 5% administrative fee. 

NSF CHECKS: Any check returned to us for insufficient funds will be charged a $35 bank fee.

Please Note: We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions of Use, including our Privacy Policy. 

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