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Why is American Dance Institute So Amazing?

1. ADI Knows The Secrets For A Great Class.

"Everything gives up its secrets, if you love it long enough." wrote Luther Burbank. ADI founder, teacher, director, Elizabeth Chayer gets it. Her discovery was that great classes depend on a few critical elements. Without them the class experience is just ok. Not going to share them here. You've got to experience class for yourself. There is no risk. If you aren't completely satisfied she will refund your money. (No other school dares to make this claim.)

2. Only Dance Combines Artistry & Fitness.

ADI dance instruction includes strength training, cardio, core & flexibility. Arms, legs, backs, abs, neck, toes all get a workout. Students also develop grace, poise, confidence and a feeling that as an artist their soul is being fed. If fitness & artistic expression are your goals, then you will feel right at home at ADI.

3. ADI Is Non-competitive & Non-intimidating

At the appropriate age, healthy competition is a vital component of learning. However, we teach our students to compete with their “own self best” rather than comparing themselves to others who may have more or less natural ability. It’s especially important with very young and impressionable children who have not yet developed a proper framework or perspective to understand the nature of competition. Our unique approach fosters a learning environment that has team inclusiveness and camaraderie among students. Everyone learns faster because they dare to try new steps and leaps knowing it is safe to keep trying until they have mastered the lesson.

4. We Are Not A Fluff School Or A Gulag...

Our gentle, holistic teaching philosophy contrasts sharply with the dull, routine, teaching methodologies other schools employ and that we liken to 'processed food'. We also contrast with schools with gulag-like environments. Dance schools shouldn’t be cold regimented training centers. We understand the different ways people learn. Instructions are presented thoughtfully, to suit each person's learning style. We nurture our students. Our school’s learning environment is warm, friendly and fun! Come take a free risk free trial class and check it out for yourself.

5. Our Performance Policy is radically different from other Schools.

We believe that most children's dance recitals are a ripoff. Recital schools spend 90% of class time during the second half of the school year learning choreography for a recital, not proper dance technique. As a result the kids look 'cute' but are sloppy with bad posture, poor execution, and horrid technique. And three short minutes on a stage cannot possibly showcase what our students have learned in class. Big lavish productions requiring addidonal time for busy parents and exorbitant costume fees are not necessary for the children to have the performance experience. ADI parents love our no-cost, no-ticket, no-costume fees, no-stress, in-house performances!  You will too.

6. We Have The Largest Observation Windows

We believe that parents should be able to see the quality instruction their child is receiving. And some children need the reassurance of seeing Mom or Dad close by. Unlike most schools which don’t allow watching (gulag), we have pleasant waiting areas with large spacious observation windows. Parents can watch their children and instructor during class. For those students who do better when mom or dad are not visible, we have separate out-of-sight waiting areas in our annexed office building behind the studio.

7. No One Matches ADI's Unparalleled School Longevity

American Dance Institute is celebrating its 25th year in 2014 and we’re going strong. We are building on our accumulated experience, passion for improvement and enthusiasm to excel for the next 25 years. We have educated over 12,000 happy students since we opened in 1989. Some of our former students have grown and now enroll their children here. Several of our teachers have been with us for 12-20 years and we have adults who've been studying for over 20 years. These are all meaningful validations, don't you agree?

8. The Best Fitness/ Instruction Investment Value

Our school employs very unique and exclusive teaching methods, carefully developed by our founder, teacher, director Elizabeth Chayer. It means that all students including adults & children, progress further, faster and safer in half the time of other less caring schools. Your education/fitness dollars go much further here. This makes ADI an excellent education/fitness investment value. You appreciate good value and a great investment, right?

9. The Widest & Most Varied Class Selection

Whether you are looking for a fun fitness activity, exploring new interests, are an aspiring or accomplished dancer, American Dance Institute has the perfect class for you. Peruse our large class selection. Choose from a class listing that includes Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Irish Step, Flamenco, Break Dancing, Modern Dance, Musical Theatre, Pre-Ballet, Creative Dance and Parent/Toddler classes.

10. The Most Family Friendly School

We love families and strive to make you all feel right at home. You’ll feel it with the very first call and visit. While your loved ones are in class, you’ll find waiting areas where you can observe  class, or a quiet room equipped with toys for younger siblings, desks where siblings can do homework and moms can nurse their babies, catch up on a little work or reading. There is also free Wi-Fi for your convenience. You and your family will always feel welcomed and appreciated at ADI.

OK, Two More...

11. The Best Instructors In The World

You won’t find a more talented, dedicated bunch than ADI’s teaching staff. Several teachers have been with us for more than 12 years and one for 20 years because they support ADI’s mission and love the work environment. Come take a free trial class and experience our instructors for yourself, you’ll see what we mean.

12. The Most Courteous Customer Service Staff In The World

You will love the personal attention you receive from ADI. Our office staff is the one of the finest you’ll ever communicate with. You’ll get a prompt courteous response to every phone call and e-mail inquiry and we are happy to spend as much time as you need to answer all of your questions. Our Director, Elizabeth Chayer is frequently on site and loves connecting with our families as they stop in to observe classes.



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