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Fun dance classes-beginner to advanced.

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80th & Greenwood Ave. N. Seattle, WA

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 ADI Students Kaylee, Jessica, Lisa

DANCE …On Your Terms 

On Your Terms means accommodating schedule, attendance and budget challenges when life doesn’t cooperate. On Your Terms is the convenience of many styles in one location from hip hop dance classes to adult ballet classes and everything in-between: Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Irish Step, Creative Dance, Flamenco, Break Dance and more. 


The American Dance Institute Difference

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Excellent Value

At American Dance Institute, you will receive the best dance education available in Seattle. Our highly trained staff, well-developed curriculum and exclusive teaching methods ensure that you will progress further, faster and safer than at any other school.

And we have no recital fees so the cost you see is the cost you get. No Surprises. We are so confident you will agree, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. No other school dares to make this promise.

Zero Intimidation

Students and parents alike will feel welcome at ADI as soon as they walk in the door. Our teachers welcome and support the students and the students also support and welcome one another. No competition, just encouragement. We teach our students to compete with their ‘self best’ rather than against others who may have more or less natural ability. Our methods foster inclusiveness and camaraderie so students willingly try new steps, leaps and lessons without fear of criticism, ridicule and snickering.

At ADI, you will always find:

*  An authentic welcoming, nurturing studio and school environment.

* Kind, gentle and patient teachers who have the rare ‘teaching gift’.

* Consistent quality instruction focused on each student every class.

Ask any of our students or parents and they will tell you that you or your child will always feel welcome, accepted, appreciated and loved – no exceptions.

Here are some short video testimonials. Parents   Teens   Adults

You are guaranteed a great teacher and a great class at ADI every class.

A bold promise. A unique one too.

ADI Founder, Director, Elizabeth Chayer makes the promise confidently because she personally trains and mentors new instructors in teaching methods she’s developed over the last 30 years.

ADI is the only Seattle dance school with a formal instructor mentoring program.

Don’t risk your tuition on inconsistency at another school.

You are guaranteed a great teacher and a great class every time you come to ADI.

Super Accommodating

At ADI, we recognize that life is full of twists and turns. We roll with it.

Do you need to switch class times to accommodate sports, the school musical practice, life? No problem. There are many options to choose from in our schedule.

Did you miss a class due to illness or vacation? No problem – You can make it up in any other class.

Would special payment arrangements help you with cash flow? No problem – We are happy to make a custom payment plan work for you.

An unexpected emergency came up and your child misses class prior to recital week? No problem at ADI. They have worked hard all year and deserve to perform with their class.
Do your homework. Where others are rigid and demanding, we are relaxed and accommodating. Come in and see for yourself.

Unique Performance Philosophy

Young children love to perform but don’t need to be paraded across a big stage to get that thrill.  And three minutes on a stage cannot possibly convey how much they’ve learned all year. Parents love our no cost, informal, in-house presentations.  There are no costume fees and no tickets fees. Our presentations are no stress, more intimate and an excellent value! Additional performance opportunities abound for our older, upper level students including Greenwood Art Walk, Phinney Winter Festival, Seattle Summer Streets, Greenwood Seafair Parade and more.

Patience, Respect & Appreciation

Customer service is taken very seriously at ADI.

We’ve studied inspirational customer service cultures around the country like Nordstrom, Starbucks, Amazon and Zappos.

We look for ways to incorporate that spirit into our celebrated dance school.

From personal attention in class, knowing each student’s name and family to being super accommodating, you will always feel appreciated.

Our office staff is the one of the finest you’ll ever communicate with. You’ll get prompt courteous responses to every phone call and e-mail inquiry, and we are happy to spend as much time as you need to answer all of your questions.

Our Director, Elizabeth Chayer is frequently on site and loves connecting with our families as they stop in to observe classes.

We Love our ADI family. We really do try harder.

Family Friendly

We love our families and strive to make you all feel right at home. You’ll feel it with the very first call and visit.

While your loved ones are in class, you’ll find waiting areas where you can observe class or retreat to a quiet room equipped with toys for younger siblings, tables where siblings can do homework and quiet areas moms can nurse their babies, catch up on a little work or reading. There is also free Wi-Fi for your convenience.

You and your whole family will always feel welcomed and appreciated at ADI.

Chemical Free Studios

Dance students spend a lot of time on the dance floor. Not just standing, running and leaping on the floor but, sitting, lying and stretching on it. There is ample opportunity for body surface meeting floor surfaces.

Studio floors can contain synthetic chemical wax, detergents, and deodorants, there is also the chemicals residue that other students leave behind. Chemically sensitive students may find this problematic.

Our dance floors and ballet barres are steam cleaned and sanitized every day 7 days a week, assuring you of the most enviro-friendly studio conditions to learn in.  No floor waxes, detergents deodorants synthetic or other-wise, are used in our studio cleaning process. Only steam.

In other areas on campus only cleaning products containing natural ingredients are used.

Of course there is no such thing as a 100% chemical free environment as explained in this Wikipedia article HERE but we take the subject seriously and strive to make our studios as safe as possible for our chemically sensitive students

A Venerable Institution

American Dance Institute just celebrated 26 years serving the Seattle dance community.

Several of our teachers have been with us for 12-20 years and we have students who’ve been studying with us for 23 years!

We have educated over 12,000 happy students since 1989. Some of our former students have grown and now enroll their children here. That is quite the validation. In these tough economic times you can still afford a venerable school with a solid reputation and reliable track record.

Worth the Drive

Dance schools are popping up everywhere these days.

It is tempting to choose a school simply because it is conveniently close to home or work.

That would be okay if all dance schools were alike. They are not. Not even close. They may all cost about the same. They may have been around for a while, have a hip looking web site or a celebrated dancer on staff.

But none of this is a guarantee that you’ll be happy and satisfied. You need to look at the quality of the dance education being offered.  We guarantee you an excellent class every time or your money back.

We have the perfect class for youWhether you are an aspiring or an accomplished dancer, or just looking for a fun activity, American Dance Institute has a class that is a perfect fit. Peruse our large class selection and sign up on-line.

All dance schools are not created equal. Do your homework and make a great decision.

Discerning students and parents choose American Dance Institute.